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Expert Advice for Bathroom Renovations

Expert Advice for Bathroom Renovations

Top Designer Tips and Renovation Advice for the Perfect Bathroom.


When you decide to renovate your bathroom, it can be an overwhelming and daunting task.
How is it possible, that one of the smallest rooms in your house, requires almost every tradesmen necessary to build a new house from scratch!
The key to reducing the anxiety related to renovating, is to be prepared and organised before you begin any demolition or construction.
And the most important factor in achieving the organisation is to hire a professional who will assist with the key steps in keeping your project on track and on budget.

Design and Plan :
Before you obtain quotes or engage the contractor, have your plan and design ready. The size and space needs to be considered, so that the scale and proportion of the design is correct. This includes the functionality as well. Write up a wish list and then apply the ideas to the plan. A designer will assist with executing your goals and will also offer more solutions and options that you may not have considered.


Lighting Features :
Bathrooms pack a lot of punch in one small space, so creating some key features is important.

Lighting is paramount and is required for both task and ambience.
Consider using recessed lighting under a floating vanity or recess shelving for ambience.
A stunning feature pendant over the bath for hotel like opulence.
A wall mounted LED light for makeup and shaving.


Storage Features :

Good storage is quite possibly the most important component of your bathroom.
Recessed Mirror Shaving cabinet storage is perfect for smaller items and easily accessible.
Drawers instead of cupboards is a better form of storage due to the availability of internal dividers and partitions that be inserted and keep everything organised.
Recessed feature shelving in the shower or running along the bath wall is at the perfect solution to housing shampoo and bottles. If you apply a feature tile to the recess it also creates a key feature.


Budget :
So how much is this all going to cost….

Depending on your material selection..marble bench top versus laminate bench top, porcelain tile versus ceramic…The price actually shouldn’t vary too much. If you consider using a floor tile at $65 p/m for 10 mtrs of tiling versus a $35 p/m tile, the cost savings is not huge with only a $300 savings. So bear in mind that the product doesn’t really alter your final budget dramatically. (**It certainly will bring down the overall spend if all items are at a budget pricing)

The best way to consider how much is a realistic spend on your renovations, is to base it on the current value of your home. Professionals will advise that a minimum of 30% of the value of your property be spent on a bathroom renovation. Therefore, if your house is valued at one million dollars, then expect to pay $30,000 + for the materials and construction of your new bathroom.

Contracting the right builder for the job is also paramount, as you are relying on their expertise to ensure good workmanship is done. Waterproofing is one of the most important factors as a leaky floor is a nightmare once the bathroom is completed..you guessed it…the whole space has to be ripped up and redone!
Allow 4 weeks from demolition to completion. All of the trades have a section to complete, in order, and most can’t go in and work until the trade before him has finished. So patience is key, and if you are living in the property during the renovation, consider staggering the bathroom fit outs, so you still having one that works.

In conclusion…Hire a professional interior designer to advise and assist with the design and plan. A well thought out, scaled plan is paramount before you begin.
Select everything. Basins, tiles, toilets, cabinets, lights..everything.
The builder can then quote accurately on every item you have selected and you will know the cost beforehand. This should prevent any budget blowouts once construction commences.
And then, light a candle, pour yourself some wine and sink into that beautiful bath tub and enjoy your new space. You’ve earned it.




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Project of the Month.
Multi Residential Townhouses – Bayside.


White Chalk Design prides itself on working closely with our local Bayside developers to help achieve a practical and desirable fit out for the discerning buyer. This month we are proud to feature this recently completed 2 town house development located close to the beach. We used natural organic materials and light colours to achieve a coastal vibe, with out being obviously beachy.

“The key to creating a harmonious living space is to use a variety products that are cohesive and appealing to the buyer. Therefore the design needs to be aimed at all tastes and a variety of requirements, however, executing a point of difference is of the utmost importance for us. We never want our developers to feel that we are all churning out cookie cutter designs, everything the same on each project. The developments must resonate with the buyer and still feel as if it has been designed exclusively for them”

Serena Elise

Principal Designer  WHITE CHALK DESIGN

White Chalk Design Rewards You…

White Chalk Design Rewards You…

White Chalk Design | Luxury Lifestyle & Design


We want to thank you for being a loyal White Chalk client.

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Project of the Month.


Modern Family Home, Bayside.

‘We loved working with our client on this decorating project in Hampton. The client had full faith in White Chalk to execute a modern and striking monochromatic palette, whilst still keeping the home family friendly. The grey velvet sofa, paired with the black leather tub chairs, created a very masculine feel, and by adding a feature chair with the pop of soft blue, this created the warmth we needed to avoid a stark environment.”

Serena Elise,
Principal Designer,
White Chalk Design.




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Hi welcome to my weekly video design tip..

How do you decide who is the best interior designer for your project…watch my video to gain some insight into selecting the right person for the job…




The Best Sofas…Ever…

Sleek and Scandi |Jardan
Sleek and Scandi |Jardan

What makes a sofa the best sofa ever? Is it the look? The fabric? The size? The comfort?

All of the above a paramount when choosing a sofa for yourself, however if it’s a space that’s more decorative..you can be a little more creative. I’ve put together a small collection of sofas that make my heart race…

Tufted Emerald Velvet Sofa | Viceroy Hotel Santa Monica
Tufted Emerald Velvet Sofa | Viceroy Hotel Santa Monica
Pop of Colour Nook Modular | Jardan
Pop of Colour Nook Modular | Jardan
Tuffy Sofa | Mid Century
Tuffy Sofa | Mid Century
Burnt Orange Sectional | Minotti
Burnt Orange Sectional | Minotti
Curved and Sleek | Jardan
Curved and Sleek | Jardan
Diamond Button Velvet
Diamond Button Velvet

Pick a style you love, then add the fabric detail..layer up with accessories, rugs and furniture and then sit back and enjoy…


White Chalk Interiors Design Tip Video | Successfully Combining Styles|Divorce is not necessary when Renovationg

How do you combine your design aesthetic with that of your partners…if they are poles apart? Easy…your designer should be able to listen to both parties and blend the styles successfully…Divorce is not an option!


Weekend Round Up | What I Wore to Work, Ride and Cheer…




Like a juggler at the circus, I have become the master of keeping the balls in the air but every once in awhile, my arms get tired, I get distracted and the balls crash to floor. That is why I love school holidays. No rushing out the door in the mornings, toasted sandwiches for dinner and if I can manage to alternate work and go in every second day…it is bliss.







Tuesday for work I wanted corporate …so I wore : New season Witchery Black Lace Skirt, Zara White Tee, Fleur Wood Black Tux Jacket, Witchery Black Suede and Gold Zipper ankle boots, and the neck candy was a Forever New velvet jewelled choker. I don’t usually do skirts, but is was nice to show some leg for a change..and the trend moving forward is big shiny neck pieces..about time!







Wednesday was the perfect play day of horse riding with kids along the beach at Portsea…So Much Fun…So I wore : Zara Skinny Denim Zip Jeans, Zara White Silk Shirt, and the Rodeo|Hannah Montana (hope this makes me ride better) country element was the neck scarf from Guess, the Peach Panama Hat and most definitely the Wittner Suede and Glitter boots. Let it be said…you can take the girl out of the city…but…







Weekend |AFL Grand Final…Footy fever swept through Melbourne and for 24 hours only, I picked a team to follow and got excited. Out for dinner with girlfriends on Grand Final Eve, my new Thurley Gold and Embellished cuff was the hero piece. Saturday was a BBQ and a footy final and I wore Witchery Black jeans, ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ Grey Knit, with the tailormade Black Wool Capelet. A great mix of work and play this past week…Loved it




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