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A Desk is Just a desk..Unless you are Aerin Lauder



CLICK HERE  | A Desk is Just a desk..Unless you are Aerin Lauder.


De Constructed & Delightful..Decanter Lights….You Had me At Hello….


CLICK HERE | De Constructed & Delightful..Decanter Lights….You Had me At Hello…..


Spring Fever Hits….


Spring Fever Hits…..


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2013 Emmys: Fairy Tale Fashion, Cute Couples & Giggles Galore!

2013 Emmys: Fairy Tale Fashion, Cute Couples & Giggles Galore!

Borrowing a  Blog from the official ‘Jane Says’ Blog…

2013 Emmys: Fairy Tale Fashion, Cute Couples & Giggles Galore!.


Weekend Round Up…What I Wore To Fashion Aid


Saturday night was a rare treat. I was invited to attend Melbourne Fashion Aid at the Crown Casino Palladium Room…and it was awesome. CrayThe Label was launching their new collection of amazing leather wear and the room was buzzing with well known celebrities from all ends of the spectrum. I had a number of comments enquiring about my makeup from my Instagram Pic…so this post is a ‘Makeup’ what I wore.


#1 – After moisturising I applied a thin layer of the M.A.C strobe cream. It’s a highlighter and tends to give your skin a fresh, light base. I love this cream.


#2 – The M.A.C Mineralize Foundation goes next. This is a full coverage makeup that last for hours…without being too heavy. No need to touch up at all when this is on.


#3 – To set the look, I used a new purchase. The M.A.C Lightful whitening pressed powder. This stops the shine and sets like a photo finish. The lightening effect gives a fresh dewy appearance and is my new best friend.


#4 – My faithful bronzer, golden loose powder from Chanel, is the last step. A huge brush and a little powder dusted over the cheekbones and nose…gives a healthy, summery glow.


#5 – M.A.C Iridescent Purple Eyeliner on top and bottom of the eye add some much needed pop. This was applied over a gold loose dust eyeshadow (also from M.A.C) The black Mascara from Sephora…Peach Blusher from Sephora and M.A.C Pink Super Gloss on the lips, were the finishing touches and then I was out the door. What a great night.


Fabulous Friday…Skiing Holiday…Chalet in Style..

Im heading off to the slopes of Mt Buller for the weekend and taking the kids skiing…We are novelty skiers, let me make that clear…but it’s exciting to know that in a few hours we will be amongst the white powdery slopes, sitting by a warm fire, sipping hot chocolates and taking in the whole ski village atmosphere…thats almost the best part for me..and checking out the apres ski fashion of course!

Apres Ski Wear

There is nothing better than after a strenuous day of skiing..or snow ploughing…then to indulge in a spa or massage…your body needs to recover somehow from the stress of not breaking any bones..and although a shot of Schnapps is always a helper…a swim may be better…


Skiing in Europe or Colorado are usually where the celebrities particular Aspen..or Zermatt Peak in Switzerland and Chamonix in the French Alps..and if you want to share a chairlift with a star then head to there to take in all the glamour of  Hollywood Skiing..


Chamonix French Alps

I was lucky enough to ski in Chamonix a few years ago and it was truly spectacular..The height of those mountains is intoxicating and taking the Gondola up to the highest peak is crazy scary..sliding most of the way down on your backside…is just plain crazy!


Whether you are a gun on the slopes..or a more timid skier, looking the part is the bar..nobody knows what level you are always dress the part…Loving these Chanel Goggles..however if I bought these…I probably couldn’t afford the ski hire! I’ll stick with my Oakleys thanks…Have a wonderful weekend..


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Mid Week Inspiration…Green Smoothies

I may be a little slow to get on the green smoothie bandwagon..but I can finally say..Im now on board. My daughter started making them for breakfast last week..and I was tempted to try..and pleased with what I tasted. I have tweaked the recipe a little, by adding some coriander which I think I could eat .. and now.. drink with just about anything!

I posted the smoothie pic on Instagram and had requests for the here it is..feel free to add your own mix to it and keep me posted with the options..I would love to hear what you guys add..


I am super busy every day..and I really think this new green friend is a healthy and energetic booster for me. I have been drinking it after working out and I do feel better. Less stressed. I aim to make this juice 3-4 times a week, and so far so good.



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Mid Week Inspiration…Celebrity Baby Rooms

Tori Spellings Nursery
Tori Spellings Nursery


How can I not post about celebrity nurseries this week? With the most famous royal baby being born within the last 24hrs..the theme right now is definitely all things babies. Kate and Wills have certainly had the spot light on them more than ever with the birth of their first born son..the future King of England. The first baby images are not yet out..The name is not yet known..however..the most important question right is the nursery decorated??


Molly Sims Nursery
Molly Sims Nursery


Will the young couple break from the Royal Tradition with their baby room style?..Im assuming the standard Royalty Style is very opulent and regal..very British..Plaid, Plaques and Crowns??


Jessica Albas Nursery
Jessica Albas Nursery


Let’s hope not…With all the amazing decor ideas abundant around us..I am taking inspiration from some Hollywood Celebrity Baby Nursery Designs…pops of colour, fresh walls, eclectic furnishings and stylish cots..all add up to a super chic baby space..



We are so far beyond the blue for boys, pink for girls nursery fit outs…some brave Mummies are opting for Charcoal, White and Yellow as a colour combo and this sets the tone for a very on trend space..Wallpapers and chandeliers are now the norm..Cots can be Perspex, Nordic Blonde timber or a rich dark stained timber..either way..the pressure is on the design an inspiring space that sets the tone for a very stylish and lucky baby..


Hollywood Nursery
Hollywood Nursery


Makes me want more babies just to design a cool space…Fit for a King…



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