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Snail Mucin. The latest skincare craze from Asia.

Snail Mucin. The latest skincare craze from Asia.



Move over Snake Venom. Take a seat Bee Pollen. Dragons Blood? Out! …There’s a new craze in town and its slowly taking off. (no pun intended)

Snail Mucin.

When we think of snails, we think of our basic garden variety. (do not to step on them.)

Or the uber chic French variety. (eat them.)

Now, the Asian variety. (slather it all over  your face.)

Thanks to a skincare obsessed culture in Asia, there’s always a new way to plump, rejuvenate, hydrate, and purify your skin—and the ingredients are most likely in some form of a nature. Unlike most Western beauty products, Asian skincare tends to emphasize natural ingredients over harsh chemicals. And what could be more natural than snail slime?

Snail enzyme is a high-efficacy active ingredient comprised of proteins, glycolic acids and elastin commonly found in skin creams and sheet masks.

Like the name suggests, snail cream is made from snail mucin extract—the mucus that protects and heals the snail’s undercarriage when it slides over jagged terrain.
In beauty products, snail mucin firms and restores skin by replenishing moisture and supporting cell regeneration (which helps fade acne scars, smooth uneven complexions and reduce hyperpigmentation).1428430850-snail2.jpg

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Discovered in Chile, by a group of Chilean snail farmers who noticed that handling the critters softened the skin on their hands and quickly healed any cuts. Naturally, one of the first snail creams on the market was launched by a Chilean beauty brand. And then quickly went worldwide.


Never one to shy away from an innovative skincare product. And being slightly obsessed with all things skincare, (thanks Mum!) I had no choice but to pick up some creamy snail muscus in a jar, whilst on a recent trip to Asia.


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I chose to buy the Snail White cream. Then went back and added the facial mask and brightening cream. I also bought a couple of jars of traditional snail secretion cream from a pharmacy in Thailand. The packaging is not as pretty, its all written in Thai, but I was assured its the real deal. I hope!

I have been using the Snail White, think Snow White… for about 2 weeks and I think my skin appears fuller and maybe a little softer. The cream itself is quite rich, odour free and does feel little slimy, but I think that could just be mind over matter thing. It feels nice once it settles and wears well under makeup.

So, if you see me crawling across the garden path, real slow, with super glowing skin…

It worked.



Clarins Self Tan – Radiance Plus Golden Glow

Clarins Self Tan – Radiance Plus Golden Glow


I think I may be bordering on tan-orexic…

You know…when you think you’re never quite brown enough…but everybody is telling you that you most definitely are?

I’ll admit I am a little obsessed with self tanners.

Ok. I’ll admit I am a lot obsessed with self tanners.

I have a cupboard full of tanning creams, foams, gels, sprays, mitts, aftersun, before sun, during sun and everything in between. I may even consider myself somewhat of an expert in the self tanning field!

So when this little bottle of liquid gold appeared in my hand recently, (thanks Mum) I was intrigued.


What it is:
A skin booster to be mixed with your day and night cream for a radiant, sunkissed glow.

What it is formulated to do:
Three drops to sunkissed skin. This is the first ever self-tanning innovation from the Clarins laboratories. From sunkissed to sun-drenched, simply mix with your regular day or night cream to gradually develop natural-looking, beautifully bronzed skin. Golden Glow Booster’s 99.8 percent natural formula combines natural DHA and erythrulose with aloe vera extract to help preserve skin’s softness while giving your complexion a healthy-looking glow.

What else you need to know:
Golden Glow Booster must be mixed with moisturizer—never use straight from the bottle. You may resemble an Oomp-Loompa. And remember… wash your hands.

It’s actually marketing genius. The bottle is cute and bronzey and because its so small (15mm) it gives the impression it must be a very powerful elixir!

And,  you ‘customise’ how many drops you add, so you feel like you are more in control of your level of tan. But in reality, we can just spray more, or foam more if we want a deeper tan the old fashioned way with the regular products.

I used it for the first time in the AM. You know how by the end of a working day you can look a little washed out and tired? Well, this booster quietly kicks in around noon and slowly  washes you with some sun kissed glow. Thus, reducing the need to touch up makeup, and you look a whole lot fresher.

Overall, I liked it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.31.56 pm

RRP is $35 and available from Sephora, David Jones, Myer and Mecca.

Treat yourself and give it a shot….


Mirror Mirror on the Wall | The Mirror of the Future

Mirror Mirror on the Wall | The Mirror of the Future



I saw this post on MotherBoard and thought it was quite fascinating…the way of our future…Enjoy.



Beauty Product | The Lift

I blame my mother. Totally her fault. I am becoming ‘healthily ??!!?? obsessed’ with beauty products, and this seems to be a genetic predisposition I have inherited.

My Grandmother used Ponds Cold Cream as a cleanser and moisturiser and she had beautiful soft skin. Simple. My mother, on the other hand, seeks out, experiments, orders online, cuts reviews from magazine and newspapers, sends them on to me…and actually has more samples of creams and potions in her bathroom then she will use in her lifetime. I have become her.



So…the most recent heads up she passed on to me..was The Lift. This is a serious tightening 3 step process that was advertised on a morning show, and I was called immediately. “You should try this…I should try this”…ok Mama. So we did. I ordered the kit online, one each, and waited for the postman to deliver me this new ‘miracle’ in a jar. At $235 per pack, it is not the cheapest gamble.

Plus, Mum had not even used it before..but we had to have it…just in case…it could be the one..maybe…


A few days later I mixed the powder with the cream and applied the brush in upward strokes, as per the instructions…and I waited. Let me tell you it has a severe tightening effect. I have never felt such a powerful mask before and it is actually a little uncomfortable. It felt like I had covered my face in shellac and 20 minutes later and I was happy to wash it off. Included in the pack is a cream to apply after the mask and there are 10 sachets of each product. It is suggested that you use The Lift as a quick fix before a night out..or use twice a week for a maintenance system.


The Lift claims to restore elasticity, tighten and brighten the skin, and intensively tone facial muscles and lift sagging skin. And leave a healthy glow. My skin certainly felt soft and velvety after the treatment..but the small wrinkles were still visible. Surprise surprise! I guess we all know deep down that we can’t really stop the signs of ageing…but there’s no harm in trying right?? As far as I can tell, there is no dramatic change in appearance to my this stage..


I have only used it once so far and plan to use The Lift once a week..Check out my  after pic and you can judge for your self. Please disregard my bronze ..really need to fix that!



Fingers crossed this is the beauty trick that Hollywood kept a secret and now has let the cat out of the bag! Oh, and thanks Mum for keeping me ahead of the game..What’s the next one? Just is case this is not the cure for youthful skin…