Portsea Summer : Travel Lifestyle

Portsea Summer : Travel Lifestyle



Summer. Beach House. Friends. Portsea.

Is there a better way to start the 2016 Summer Break?

Portsea, is a resort town located across Port Phillip on the far tip of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. It is well known for its glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Think the elite clique of The Hamptons, USA. This pretty much sums up a Portsea Summer Season.

Portsea has it all. Millionaire mansions, helicopter pads, more spanking new model Range Rovers per square inch than the dealership itself. The historical Portsea Pub, the calm waters of Port Phillip Bay or the thrashing waves at the famous Portsea back beach, upmarket yacht clubs, local wineries and sunset beach yoga! Seriously …what’s not to love !

So when the opportunity came about for my family to rent an old school beach house with my best friend and her family…we jumped at it.


We found a small weatherboard house located close to the back beach, and within walking distance to the Main St of Portsea. It had a tennis court instead of a swimming pool, and in my opinion this is a way better option than a pool. More to do. More fun. If the budget allows,  you could rent a house with both, but to be honest the tennis court is a good entertainer for the kids and adults alike. The kids stay active and anything that keeps them off their phones and outdoors is a good thing. They had a ball and we all improved our tennis skills. It is also a great fun when friends come over for a BBQ and a game or two of tennis, daaahling…Very Portsea!


So if you’re keen to rent a beach house in Portsea with friends / family over Summer, here are my tips…..

People…#1 – Choose your travel “family” carefully….this can be the make or break for a harmonious holiday. You really don’t know someone until you live/ travel with them and lucky for me our companions were spot on for a week together.

Location…#2 – Portsea is slightly less chaotic than close-by suburbs Sorrento and Rye at this time of the year. This is when the coastal town reaches maximum capacity, so my suburb pick is definitely to head as far down the coast as you can and escape the daily tourist madness.


Drinks…#3 – Have a drink at the famous Portsea Hotel.  The sweeping view across the bay is stunning, and when you look back up to the Hotel from the lawn, the old world charm and the beauty of this historical seaside pub is amazing.


More Drinks…#4 – Just out of Portsea is the Sorrento Hotel and having just undergone a renovation, the new roof top open air bar is very cool. Get there to watch the sunset and the crowd. It is certainly a mix. Old Melbourne establishment, private schoolers, middle aged tennis wives and day trippers, all chilling together sipping drinks and tapping toes to the DJs cool beats…It’s a fun summery night out.


Excercise…#5 – Go to the Portsea back beach. You can walk through sand dunes, rock pools and  climb what seems like an eternity of grey timber stairs to the lookout, and marvel at the treacherous coastline of Bass Strait. Or if you’re game you can body surf, surf or just laze on the beach and read. Its a great day out any way you look at it!


Swim…#6 – If you prefer calmer waters, the beach at the Sorrento Couta Sailing Club is it. Clean white sand, blue ocean bay water and an old school jetty that the kids can jump off into the water. Plus a cafe, and if you happen to have a friend who is a sailing club member, you can sit on the upper deck of the club and sip a glass of bubbles, enjoy the sunset and watch it all pass by…another perfect day activity.


Eat…#7 – Italico. Main St. Authentic Italian food. Waiters with Italian accents. Upmarket fare with a casual beach vibe. Go there, but its super busy, so be prepared to wait a while for your meal. A long while!


Socialize…#8 – The Jeep Portsea Polo is the “must do” social calendar event of the Summer season. Whether you are an invited Corporate guest, the ticket holder who paid lots of bucks for an upmarket marquee ticket, or the happy to roll around on the grass in General admission for a fraction of the price…its a great day out for people watching, socialising, spotting the rich and famous, and not so famous, and admiring the sheer athleticism of the gorgeous Polo Players. (more about the polo on my next post)

So, any way that you look at it…It is a great week away, enjoying the summer, and plenty of active and inactive options to keep you throughly relaxed and entertained.

We enjoyed it so much we are locking it in again for next year. If you  can share with another family it is definitely the best way to ensure its a cost effective holiday and create great memories together.



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