Month: August 2015

Statement Jewellery Pieces…

Statement Jewellery Pieces…


Is there anything better than finding the perfect statement necklace piece for your wardrobe. I think not.

And the best part of a statement that is should be versatile.

The key to not looking like an expensive hooker, is to downplay the outfit and let the piece do its thing.

When you think glitz and glam jewellery, we tend to only identify wearing such a piece with a formal dress or a black tie occasion.

Not so.

The quirk of the understated statement piece, is to mix it up and throw it head first against a more relaxed and edited outfit. Think denim shirts and diamonds.

Think bold, coloured gems and white jeans.

Think gold chunky baubles and grey knits.

And with so many online and chain stores carrying a huge variety of jewellery these days, spending a fortune is not always necessary either.


So, while I was shopping the other day, I wandered past ‘Secrets’ (, and spotted an amazing dramatic necklace in their window.

‘Secrets is a high end costume jewellery store, and has some pretty remarkable faux statement costume jewellery. So I detoured and went inside hopeful.

So many shiny baubles, instantly my pulse started to quicken.

The first piece I tried on was a MAJOR statement piece. Lots and lots of diamonds and diamond shape drops and clusters.

The Glacier.  And It was quite stunning, very Miss USA pageant and as much as I loved had a limited wearable potential because it was such a showstopper.

So I twirled, asked for world peace and moved onto the next display case.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 3.59.17 pm

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The next piece I was drawn to, was the Adventurer Necklet.

This was the quiet, but confident younger sister to the ‘pack a punch’ Glacier.

It was gold and bronzey and more delicate, shorter in length…and stunning.

This one has a much better adaptability to many dress codes.

I tried it on and fell head over heels. It sat flat, wasn’t itchy and added a little pop of luxe to an otherwise ordinary day.

This was the one for me.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 3.38.17 pm

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So, this is now my new best friend and she is sitting proudly on my jewellery cabinet, waiting to be taken out for brunch, in a faded denim shirt, ripped jeans and runners.


White Chalk Interiors Design Video – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone..Now!

White Chalk Interiors Design Video – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone..Now!

Our White Chalk Interiors Video tip this week is all about exploring new things in the home…..Get a little risky and jump head first out of your comfort zone..

Click link below image and enjoy.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 1.42.19 pm