My Favourite Self Tanners…

My Favourite Self Tanners…

Ok, I admit I may have a tendency to suffer from ‘tanorexia’. Never quite tanned enough. Having tanned skin to me, is like the shoulder pads of the ’90s..I feel thinner!

The upside to this little obsession, is that I have tried and tested a plethora of self tanning products, and now I have nailed the perfect combo.


For the Body



#1 – Bondi Sands Tanning Foam

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam Dark is a self-tanning foam that dries in one hour. Perfect for the instant result. This foam is quite awesome. It is non streaky and the colour has a green base, which is the best base colour, in my opinion, when looking for self tanners. It goes on evenly and last for days. Seriously, way longer than an average spray tan from salon.



I have just started using the application mitt…which up until last week I considered a gimmick..Wow..I could not have been more wrong. This little fingerless, spongy, washable mitten is the best way to apply the tan. Ok, maybe I’m little slow on the mitt train, but now I’m on..Im not getting off. Ever.
Apply in circular motions and watch your skin transform into that golden, sun kissed glow.

I apply this tanning foam every 3 days…exfoliate on day 3 to get rid of excess build up.


For the Face



#1 – Sephora Tinted Self Tanning Face Gel

The best news about this tanning that Sephora is now in Australia…so we can buy it without having to choose an overseas holiday destination based on Sephora stores!…

This easy to use glide on gel, has a brush tip, so it is really nice to apply. It can be worn under makeup..or by itself for a natural glow…Sephora have just released a BB creme version of this tanning gel which I have just used and it too is fab!

I usually wear this to the gym, with a little bronzing powder and because it is light it doesn’t clog your pores. It will wash off easily so there is no build up of tan on your face. This is good thing.


For the Décolletage



#1 – Sugar Baby Golden Glamour Spray

This is my go-to all year round, but mainly winter, self tanning spray. Fast results. So easy to apply, smells like a tropical beach and did I results!

I jump out of the shower, and whilst towel and shower cap firmly in place ..spray a fine mist on my face and on my décolletage. I do this every day in the cooler months, and if I’m time poor it is the best way to get a warm glow in rapid time. Spray. It dries in seconds. Add your moisturiser and makeup if you desire. You’re done. There is now no excuse not to have a little Summer glow on your face with this quick fix. Of course you can use it as an all over body spray, but if you’re time poor this is the best go to.


Sustain the Glow



#1 – Jergens BB Body Perfecting Cream for the Body

My favourite new cream…I stumbled across this range recently at Priceline and the price point was good so I was happy to buy and try.

Jergens is new to us in Oz, however, this USA based company has been around for ages selling all sorts of delicious self tanners and moistouriser…but the BB Body Cream is new and this amazing potion of hydrating liquid gold is amazing. The idea of a skin perfecter for the body is practically brand-new. If you’re on the fairer side, it’ll blur the appearance of imperfections and if you have darker skin, it’ll reflect light to hide imperfections. (Think of it as a glorified Instagram filter for cellulite and spider veins). Just make sure you get your hands on either the All Light Skin Tones or All Medium-Deep Skin Tones bottles, depending on your own shade. Over time, they’ll balance your skin tone by lightening redness in fairer folks and evening out sallowness for darker skin. So you glow more and Jergens promise you’ll see results within 5 days of using this cream..Plus it keeps all your self tanning looking fresh for longer. Big Win Win.

You’re welcome.



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