Month: July 2014

Greece Eat and Drinks Diary | Part Two

Greece Eat and Drinks Diary | Part Two



Upon waking, and staring out at that glorious blue sea from my bed for way too long..I was motivated … head off for a morning run..that is now becoming a slow jog..with some walking..ok..a lot of walking…Exploring the coastline and up behind the resorts, lots of hills, lots of goats and lots of very old school charm..I mean how often do you see an old Greek farmer herding goats along your morning was glorious. Back to resort and then it was the usual ritual of a swim in the ocean, breakfast and then..claim a sun bed for the day.




Later in the day, we bought tickets for the local water taxi (approx $15 return) to takes us 2 beach coves to the the Super Paradise Beach Club. This is a must is an eye opener. Loud music, bikinis, dancing on tables and a party feel that reminds you of your Uni days… even if you didn’t go to Uni! Our party of 5, was not probably the best combination of party ages, but Super Paradise is an experience, and you take it for what it is..a bit of fun..





The best thing about Mykonos, apart form the beaches, is the shopping. Shopping in Mykonos couldn’t get any better, as the  shops are located conveniently close together and you can find anything you would ever imagine among the variety of boutiques. The cobbled lane ways, the white buildings, the blue night it is like walking through a beautiful movie seems to perfect to be real.




After singlehandedly helping the Greek economy…how many shoes is too many, really?…We found a casual Greek tavern for dinner. We were yearning for traditional Greek gyros, pita bread, dips, olives, salad…We found it and ate way too much and then strolled along the lane ways to find a Nutella crepe…a sweet treat. You will no doubt stumble across your own perfect shops and bistros for your memories…there are a plethora of delights to choose from. We then jumped on the local bus, which runs every 30 minutes to the different beaches and headed back to our resort to watch the Soccer and sip Sambucca…Perfect day.




Island life is idyllic.. Wake up, swim, sun bake, eat, swim, eat…Press repeat. So I will roundup my top few things and favourite places and things to do for Mykonos and get back to my tanning….





-#1 – Hire quad bikes to get around the island. Quick and easy to drive and for approx $25 per day, a cost effective way to get from beach to beach and island explore. Helmets are optional.




#2 – Lunch At Nammos…This is a MUST DO…Nammos Psarou is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos. Psarou comprises of golden sand and crystal clear water. Since 2003 when Nammos opened its doors to its jet-set public, it is often referred to by celebrities and global journalists as “The best beach restaurant in Europe”




The food is superb, the best we ate on the island, the DJ spins upbeat disco..loud..and you simply can’t help but get up on a table and dance between courses..It was the best fun. Book lunch for 2.30pm and be prepared to stay late. The dress code is beach chic! Book in advance as not to miss out. I want to go back. With adults. Soon.




#3 – Little Venice…Where the most western part of the town meets the sea is the area known as “Little Venice”. Here the buildings have been constructed right on the sea”s edge. During the 16th and 17th century pirating was common and it is believed this area was used for the necessary quick loading and unloading of goods. Little Venice is one of the most romantic places in the whole of Mykonos. At night it is just stunning. This neighborhood is replete with elegant and gorgeous old houses that are situated precariously on the edge of the sea. Restaurants and more boutiques. A perfect spot to sip wine and watch the water crash against the walls.


The best island Ive ever been too…Thank you Mykonos.











Greece Eat and Drinks Diary | Part One

Greece Eat and Drinks Diary | Part One




We flew out of Naples around lunchtime which was a perfect time to leave…if there is ever such a thing as a perfect time to say Ciao to Italy…which is probably actually never…but I digress… A leisurely breakfast on our terrace overlooking that amazing coastline and then we were off to the airport. We boarded our flight and within 2 hours we were touching down in Athens. I’m still amazed that within such a short time you can be transported to another country, another language, another culture, so effortlessly.




We were driven to our hotel, The Hermes, and despite its name was an average priced hotel located in the heart of Athens. Due to our quick stop over in Athens, only 14 hours, I chose this hotel because it was well priced, it was central, and it offers a roof top garden overlooking the Acropolis. We dumped the luggage and set out to see the city. First stop was the The Acropolis of Athens. Within 5 minutes we were climbing the steep rocky paths that led upwards to this is an ancient citadel. It is located on a high outcrop above the city of Athens and containing the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance, the most famous being the Parthenon. Absolutely stunning. And the views across the city of Athens are incredible. Once again, a very built up city, with white rooftops in what seems like a condensed space. A stroll through the markets and then we ate at a traditional Greek restaurant. Fried feta, fried haloumi, Greek salad, souvlaki, pita bread,…washed down with cold wine. Back to the hotel for an early night to view the Acropolis all lit up with its night lights.




We were up early to head to Mykonos. I wanted to take the ferry as I felt this was the perfect way to approach the islands. Prebooked some months ago, the Blue Star Ferry departs from the dock in Pireus at 7.30am and arrives into Mykonos by 1230pm. (approx $95 p/p business class one way) If you are planning on taking the ferry, if possible, book the business class tickets, for a fraction more, you have seats, tables and a dedicated bistro area. The cheaper tickets are a free for all, with people sitting on stairs and outside the toilets etc..and as there is a no, No Smoking policy, it can get very smokey. Up out on deck, the views are stunning, again, and the coastline is jagged, unforgiving and spectacular, and the water is a mix of vivid deep blue and green. Hello Mykonos.




We arrived and were greeted by our driver, and then we were off to the Mykonos Kosmoplaz beach resort hotel. It is located on the best spot of Platys Gialos, one of the most picturesque beaches in Mykonos. Once again, I pre booked this resort based on location, it is right on the beach, the bus to Mykonos town is just outside, and it has a pool. There are a handful of resorts scattered around the surrounding beaches, and I’m sure you cant go wrong when choosing one…I really just prefer a beach view when on a beach holiday.




We wasted no time changing into bathers and hitting the sun beds on the beach and swimming in the cool blue Mediterranean ocean. It is amazing how quickly one can adapt.




The white washed architecture, the blue shutters, the ragged mountain terrain…Mykonos is like an island where time has stood still…until you realise this is THE party island of Greece. Ok…I’m down for that. Sneaky Sound System playing at Super Paradise Beach Club…Why Not? Just be prepared to party late in Mykonos…Most beach clubs start up at 12.30am..the DJ or band comes on at 2.30am..and they finish up around 6am. Lots of dancing on tables…Lots. (Upon check in to the hotel, our concierge suggested that we be out of our rooms by 2pm each day for housekeeping…)

I thought he was joking…He wasn’t. I understand that now.