Paris Eat and Drinks | Part Four |

Paris Eat and Drinks | Part Four |



Bonjour,I was going to condense the final 2 days in Paris into 1 post…but I have written too Paris finale tomorrow..

This were quite possibly the most enjoyable day so far. Simple pleasures are often the best, and the last 24 hours in Paris were pure magic. A late start, with a quick morning run over the Seine whilst everyone slept, I returned home to the apartment loaded with fresh baguettes, juice, and French jam. We ate breakfast, with the tall windows splayed open, the morning sun streaming in, and the sounds of Paris below. I am pinching myself..again.




We then set off on foot for the 5km walk to The Eiffel Tower. (do not tell anyone if the distance if it is over 2 km and you plan to walk..they will whinge..I mentioned ..’a mere 20 minute walk’ …kids are on a need to know basis – enough info to get out the door peacefully)

We walked down Rue de Rivoli, one of the most famous streets of Paris. A little shopping, a little Starbucks, and then it was onto the magnificent Lourve. A few photo opportunities and then we had to high tail it to meet our guide at the tower. This stroll had taken almost 3 hours, and now we were actually racing through the streets of Paris to make our tour time of 2.30pm. Once again, I had pre booked ‘Skip-the-Line Eiffel Tower Tour’ and this allows you to bypass the notoriously long lines — and the lines at the Eiffel Tower can literally take hours. At around $100 p/p, this is a must do. The guide will take you through a special entrance and straight up the Tower. Group size is limited to 20 people per tour so book early for this very popular tour. Amazing views obviously, and on a clear day you can see white capped French roof tops for miles.




Once back down on terra firm, we went to the closest Vélib’ station. This is a self-service bike system available 24 hours a day, all year round. To access the service, buy a 1-day or a 7-day ticket. For around $12p/p per day, it is a quick and convenient way to get from one side of Paris to another. The rules are..there are no ride on the road in the bus lane, you are treated like a car..and you have to go fast. Just don’t panic when a bus looms up behind you…my only advice. We spent the rest of the day riding along The Seine River. This splits Paris in two, with the Left Bank (‘Rive Gauche’) sitting to the south of the river, and the Right Bank (‘Rive Droite’) to the north.




(Paris tourist must do )…We bought a brass lock, wrote our names on it, and the date and then added ours to the thousands and thousands of lovers locks on the bridge. We threw the keys into the Seine and each made a wish. My hope is that my kids will return to Paris one day, as backpackers, honeymooners or retirees, and find ours…and remember our time together on this day.




We then rode back to the apartment, via there a better way to valet at Chanel than on a bike?..then have your parcel carried out to your and placed ever so carefully into your basket?..I think not!…

We freshened up again..and headed back out for a late dinner. On bikes. Then back to the Eiffel Tower for the 11pm light show. The Paris night sky lights up on the hour very hour for 5 minutes  from 10 pm until 1 am. Stunning. A midnight ride back along the Right Bank, which was still jammed with young romantics, sipping wine and strolling hand in hand…sigh..So much Parisian cliche fare in one day is almost too much to bare..almost..




Bonne Nuit….Sx




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