Month: May 2014

White Chalk Interiors Design Video Tip – Pre Demo Advice


Before commencing with any renovation, big or small,  it is always a good idea to have a plan. A concept of how you want the room to look.

Then it is equally as important to check prior to demolition, that certain features you may wish to introduce, can actually be done.

For example, if you wish to do a 1mtr long recess into the shower wall to be a feature and hold products etc, you need to check that the space inside the wall cavity will allow for that size. If it can’t, then quite possibly the look that you are trying to create could be compromised.

Surprises are best kept for Birthdays and Christmas…not when renovating ….


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White Chalk Design Video | Winter Fresh Style


Winter is fast approaching.

It is the perfect time to give your house a ‘spring’ clean. Add bright colours and features to banish the Winter blues. Watch the video to get all the style tips.

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Let’s Get Winter Ready…Time starts now….

The sun is shining and the Autumn days are doing us proud. Crisp mornings and sunny skies are gently easing us into the dreaded Winter months. Now is the perfect time to add some colour to your decor in preparation for the darker and cooler times ahead.


Winter is all about sitting in front of a roaring fire, sipping a Pinot and and bunkering down. However, the colours around you can still be fresh and lively. Think St Barth in the stunning Caribbean. Bringing the St Barth’s style into your home is made easy by incorporating pieces that truly encompass the elegant, comfortable, and colorful personality of this beloved destination.


Add citrus, golds and vibrant hues to combat the winter blues. Do it.


But first, check out uber chic Olivia Palermo’s Decor must haves Inspired by the tropical glam of St Barth’s…prepare to swoon….






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Hi welcome to my weekly video design tip..

How do you decide who is the best interior designer for your project…watch my video to gain some insight into selecting the right person for the job…