Phuket Eat and Drinks Diary | Part Six | Final



Our final day in Phuket was spent cruising the Andaman Sea exploring caves and small islands. We booked a chartered speed boat through a tour company and we were picked up from our resort at 8am and driven to the luxurious Phuket Marina. Once there, we chose our fins and snorkels and boarded the boat for our 8 hour day out on the ocean.

Approximately 50 minutes later, we dropped anchor near Chicken Island, and we were able to snorkel the glorious green sea, chasing colourful fish and coral. It was heaven.

Next stop was a little island called Koh Hong, with stunning white beaches and crystal clear water. A number of traditional Thai fishing boats were beached here and it was charming to say the least. Another swim in the warm lagoons, and then it was off to the main island Krabi for lunch.




Rai Le Beach, located on Krabi Island was idyllic, peaceful and amazing. Sated from an authentic Thai lunch, we took time to explore the island and caves and enjoy the sun. It felt very Leonardo Di Caprio from the movie The Beach. White sands, jungle, cliffs and caves, all at our fingertips. I longed to recapture my youth, pack a back pack, drink a beer, and check into a $5 per night bungalow. But alas…reality struck, and my fantasy was short lived. A middle aged mother, cannot simply check out and stay in Thailand, however strong the desire. So, I did the next best thing. Meditated.

Sitting cross legged, facing the ocean, I faced my palms upward and did a mini nature meditation. People took no notice and I was completely in my own zone. It was pure magic.




After 2 more islands we were done with the tour and headed back to the Marina. What a perfect ending to a fabulous holiday. I strongly suggest if you are travelling to Phuket, you either charter a private speed boat, or join a tour, it is well worth the money and a day you won’t forget in a hurry. Bliss. Capital B.



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