Phuket | Eat and Drinks Diary | Part 5



The biggest factor about a beach island holiday, is that the days begin to merge into a  groundhog type situation. Wake up, eat, reserve favoured pool lounge, walk along the beach, take a dip, read, swim, read, turnover, swim, read, eat, take a walk along the beach, swim…eat… get the drift. Great for relaxing and suntanning, not so great to write about..or read about for that matter. So I will make todays short and sweet, because the above..was day 5 day activities.

Dinner was booked at the famous Mama Tri’s Kitchen at the Villa Royale resort.

Villa Royale is a boutique hotel in Phuket situated on a headland overlooking the Andaman Sea and the white sand beach of Kata Noi.





Villa Royale is a personal creation of renowned artist and architect Mom Luang Tridhosyuth Devakul, better known simply as Mom Tri, who is a descendant of the King Mongkut Rama IV. Mom Tri opened his private summer home eight years ago to provide guests with a truly royal experience.

Located on Kata Noi Rd, Kata Noi Beach, Mama Tri is a terrace style establishment, complete with acoustic trio, old school charm and a nod to the architecture, similar to that of a Bahama’s style resort. There are 2 menus. One French and one Thai. This seems to be a common to mix of styles in Phuket.

The food was tasty, the Bloody Mary’s were spicy and the wait staff were good. Then, we shopped.





We booked a driver and headed to Patong Town Market. The market is approx 150 mtrs from the nightlife and is a bunch of rambling stalls filled with faux everything. Open ’til late, you can stroll around and shop until midnight, then head back to your hotel with bags of goodies.





Nikes, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton everything, Beats headphones, Dvds, Polo shirts, bikinis, watches, sunglasses, luggage…you name it and it is here. The stall operators are not as aggressive as other Asian countries I have visited and are reasonably priced. I managed to pick up a few pairs of Nike Air Max, and Nike Free for the kids and a pair of Fluro Fluro Neon Pink Nike Air Max for myself. In the light of day, they are super bright. I guess the night lights from Patong Rd dulled the fluro to a gentle glow. But in the daylight…they roar! All for under $50AUD a pair, so if they last only a few months, it’s still a bargain.. The shopping bug cured. Tick. The kids have pressies. Tick.


Home to bed after a wonderful day, during a holiday that is on the home stretch.



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