Phuket | Eat and Drinks Diary | Part Four



Day 4 : It is always a tricky decision when planning a holiday. Who can you invite to enjoy your hard earned break with? Who makes the best travelling partners..who can you travel with and not upset the synergy between mates, who will still want to remain friends upon your return back to the real world?

It is actually a tough decision to consider. Trying to manage everyones expectations, luxury level, tours or no tours, night time activity preferences…and most importantly, budget. Obviously if you are a keen night owl, and want to explore all bars and clubs, travelling with couples who prefer in room dining and an early night, may cause some tension. Ditto that if you prefer to lie by a pool / beach all day reading, and your travelling buddies like hiking and day tours. Trust me, choose wisely. You don’t really know someone until the suitcases are packed and you have checked in.



So having determined over the years that my brother and wife are the perfect combo for us, we rarely lock horns on any of the planning and details. My brother organizes everything, researches countries, resorts and restaurants for hours and experiences mild anxiety if he thinks we aren’t having an optimal time. We say yes to all suggestions, and he always knocks it out of the park.

After 4 amazing nights at The Surin resort, it was with some melancholy that we checked out and headed to resort number 2 on the other side of the island.

The Shore Katathani, is located approx 20 minutes South of Patong Beach. This resort boasts an excellent location on Kata Noi Beach, with villas perched high on a steep hillside, and amazing views over the beach. Upon check in the resort staff were very welcoming, presenting us with fresh flower garlands and a buggy ride up the practically vertical lanes to our 2 bedroom villa.



The villa is stunning. Open plan living, a private infinity edge pool, the sunken sun lounge deck and a view from the master bathroom that ensures you shower leisurely. This resort has exceptional reviews and is beautifully designed. Once again retaining characteristics conducive to the environment. Online, The Shore rates way higher than the previous resort, Surin and is significantly more expensive. However…it doesn’t have a private beach like Surin, and the difference is glaringly obvious. My tip when booking a resort in Phuket…Private beaches are a must. Enough said.




Dinner was booked at the iconic Boathouse Bar and Grill in Kata Bay. A romantic terrace style restaurant overlooking the beach, with cuisine that is Mediterranean  French and authentic Thai. So another good mix. A very spacious and open area, recently renovated, but not in competition with the beach outside. A delightful sea breeze, enjoyable food..the Massaman Curry was sublime… and more wine..a pleasant start to the evening.





Gatsby said, “you can’t repeat the past”…but in an attempt to prove him wrong, we headed back to Patong Rd to recreate the crazy from a few nights ago. We headed to a night club called Seduction. It was very cool. A mix of young Europeans, Aussies and all in between..The music was awesome, such good beats that I danced solo, in sandals and a shift dress, with my new best friends.

We may have proved Gatsby wrong….I think…I can’t quite remember.



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