Weekend Round Up | What I Wore | Jumpsuits

Weekend Round Up | What I Wore | Jumpsuits


Today is the day. A Jumpsuit.

Have I pushed too far into the fashion faux paus vortex…or maybe.. not far enough?? Jump for joy, this is the once piece of clothing you can definitely throw on for those moments when you have no idea what else to wear!


Celebrities have embraced the jumpsuit. All colours, all styles and on all occasions.

I think it’s best to keep the jumpsuit sexy. Glammed up, think metallic belt and super high sexy stilettos for a cocktail party or girls night out. High heels are a must for this latest fashion trend. If you decide to take it down a notch and wear this look during the day, downplay the accessories or hair otherwise it may come off all Elvis Impersonator in Vegas. That is probably not the best look.

I have to admit, when I wore this outfit last week, it was actually super comfy, and with a Jacket to break up the onsie look, I wasn’t nearly as self conscious as I thought I might be. And, I have to tell you it is quite flattering. Especially across the tummy line, plus it helps elongate the leg. Always a plus.

Here are some other looks that hopefully will encourage you to gently go towards the jumpsuit trend.



So are you game?


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