Weekend Round Up | What I Wore | Sequins

What does one wear to a girlfriend-get-together-mini-reunion? A long overdue catchup with friends from years gone by?

Sequins. Enough Said.



This past week was joyous with mixed emotions.

The kids headed back to school, and that meant I had no more excuses not to get back to work…Sigh..The Summer holidays were simply brilliant and I wouldn’t trade the memories for anything. Along with the new memories created over the past 6 weeks…there was also the rehash of the old memories from a special group of girls that I met a lifetime ago.

Time marches by and we are are all caught up running through our lives, coupled with small tinges of guilt as we promise ourselves we must make time to see the friends we don’t see as often as we’d like to.

A reunion was necessary. It was time to reconnect with old mates.

A bunch of charasmatic women who were a huge part of my ’90s life. So we did just that. Out of the 5 girls in the gang, 3 were my Bridesmaids and for reasons I can’t actually fathom, we simply just do not see each as much of each other as we should.

Marriages, babies, careers, divorces, and crazy busy lives. Summed up and fast forward. Time to reconnect.


Zara Denim Skinny Jeans, Zara Black Silk Grecian top, Hermes Aqua belt and the now almost vintage,   (4 seasons is almost vintage..right?) Forever New Multi Coloured Sequin Cropped Jacket.


A perfect evening, laughing and reminiscing with girls who knew you before you became the women you’ve become. So to celebrate I wore Sequins.


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