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Take a stroll down any street in Paris in Spring or Summer and you will see classic architecture coupled with the traditional hanging baskets filled with colourful potted flowers. This is as synonymous with Paris as the Eiffel Tower or The Champs Elysees.


Right now I’m crushing on all thing plants. Hanging, potted, in stands..even oversized classic white pots with a simple succulent. I am no green thumb, the plant is not the hero as it may therefore the stand must be.

Here are some modern twists on the pot plant holder.


Cool, modern and super chic..this is my hands down favourite. Stunning in all homes. Loving the gold.



The clear glass hanging pendants with a selection of pretty blooms is eyecatching and fresh..Great for a bathroom.



Keeping up with the Neon trend…old school macramé : new school version.



A simple glass candle votive. Potted. Small detail with big impact.



This plant is the art. The drama in what is a simple room. Plain metal holder.


Add some greenery to your home. Add some impact with how its potted.

Add a kick ass holder or stand. Add a conversation starter for your guests.

Happy Planting…


2 thoughts on “Plant Holders | The New Chic Accessory |

  1. Hi
    I love the tripod plant stands. Could you tell me where I can purchase these, and can they be shipped to or are they available in Australia?

    Much appreciated

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