Beauty Product | The Lift

I blame my mother. Totally her fault. I am becoming ‘healthily ??!!?? obsessed’ with beauty products, and this seems to be a genetic predisposition I have inherited.

My Grandmother used Ponds Cold Cream as a cleanser and moisturiser and she had beautiful soft skin. Simple. My mother, on the other hand, seeks out, experiments, orders online, cuts reviews from magazine and newspapers, sends them on to me…and actually has more samples of creams and potions in her bathroom then she will use in her lifetime. I have become her.



So…the most recent heads up she passed on to me..was The Lift. This is a serious tightening 3 step process that was advertised on a morning show, and I was called immediately. “You should try this…I should try this”…ok Mama. So we did. I ordered the kit online, one each, and waited for the postman to deliver me this new ‘miracle’ in a jar. At $235 per pack, it is not the cheapest gamble.

Plus, Mum had not even used it before..but we had to have it…just in case…it could be the one..maybe…


A few days later I mixed the powder with the cream and applied the brush in upward strokes, as per the instructions…and I waited. Let me tell you it has a severe tightening effect. I have never felt such a powerful mask before and it is actually a little uncomfortable. It felt like I had covered my face in shellac and 20 minutes later and I was happy to wash it off. Included in the pack is a cream to apply after the mask and there are 10 sachets of each product. It is suggested that you use The Lift as a quick fix before a night out..or use twice a week for a maintenance system.


The Lift claims to restore elasticity, tighten and brighten the skin, and intensively tone facial muscles and lift sagging skin. And leave a healthy glow. My skin certainly felt soft and velvety after the treatment..but the small wrinkles were still visible. Surprise surprise! I guess we all know deep down that we can’t really stop the signs of ageing…but there’s no harm in trying right?? As far as I can tell, there is no dramatic change in appearance to my this stage..


I have only used it once so far and plan to use The Lift once a week..Check out my  after pic and you can judge for your self. Please disregard my bronze ..really need to fix that!



Fingers crossed this is the beauty trick that Hollywood kept a secret and now has let the cat out of the bag! Oh, and thanks Mum for keeping me ahead of the game..What’s the next one? Just is case this is not the cure for youthful skin…


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