Weekend Round Up | What I Wore | Colour



It’s is December for crying out loud and we Melbournites should be getting our Summer base tan on…But instead we are still pulling out jackets and flicking the indoor heating on to take the chill off. It getting old. Bring back the sun. Please?

So I went against the weather and suitable wardrobe combo, and started to add some colour. I needed a sunny pop of colour, (whilst my teeth were chattering) for my own sanity…and lighter colours usually mean lighter fabrics. So I froze..but I felt Summery and fresh and sun-shiny. Worth it.

17 degrees : So I Wore Grab faded elasticised jeans, Witchery Gold Sandals, and the colour pop was my Indian cotton Sari shirt from last years trip to Dehli, in soft pastel pink with white embroidery.                                                                          Pink.

15 degrees : So I Wore Cue Black and White Swagger pants, YLS grey and black motif long sleeve woollen tee, and my pop of colour was an impulse grab. Prada Canary yellow classic handbag, taken right out of my clients’ hand during our meeting. I told you it was impulse grab. I had opted for classic Melbourne Black and Grey and after my meeting I decided I need that Yellow Prada to add the Summer to my Winter outfit.                                                                                                     Yellow.

19 degrees : So I Wore Zara White Zip jeans, Cotton On Khaki Tank underneath my sheer Otto Mode Cobalt Blue chiffon top. A Saturday night date night dinner with the man in a casual local restaurant deemed it necessary for a little hint of colour. Plus the blue went well with the Pinot Noir. Cheers..                                                                    Blue


Summer colours for a dull Spring week…In my head it was 30 degrees. Everyday. And at night.  BUT. IT. WASN’T. Come on weather…play nice.


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