Fabulous Friday | 4 Rooms That Need Task Lighting

We all need task lighting.

Task lighting is a way to increase illumination for a specific activity in a room. It is to be added as another layer of light in the room, used to decrease eye strain while reading or working. Once the activity is complete, it can be turned off without diminishing the overall lighting in a room, though it can be dimmed to contribute to the overall glow.




The kitchen is where the majority of specialized tasks are performed, such as food prep, cooking, homework and entertaining. You can benefit from brightly illuminated countertops, which is possible with under-cabinet lights. Pendant lights or vent hoods with lights are essential over cooking zones.  You should have pendant or track lighting above eating and socializing areas in the kitchen, and a good trick is to put them on a dimmer so they can be lowered to create a calmer, atmospheric glow during meals.


The days of a single overhead light in the bathroom are long gone. Today’s bathrooms can benefit from vanity lighting around the mirrors used for personal grooming, and a set of lights to turn on while showering.  From wall sconces to swing arm lamps, be sure to use lighting fixtures specifically designed for the high levels of water and moisture in a bathroom.



If you like to read in bed, good bedside lighting is a must. This can be in the form of table lamps, or a swing arm lamp near the bedhead. Floor lamps beautifully illuminate sitting areas, and for walk-in closets, lights that activate automatically when you open the door are one of the greatest tasks lighting ever.



This is where you can benefit from many different layers of lighting to accommodate the wide variety of activities that happen in the family room. On the ceiling, adjustable track or recessed can lighting on dimmer switches makes it simple for you to control how much light goes to where. Adjustable floor lamps and table lamps are quintessential task lights that also contribute to the room’s décor and ambient lighting.

Gone are the days of task lighting being a bright, stark single bulb. Feel comfortable adding feature task lighting. Function and Form together always knocks it out of the park.


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