Weekend Round Up | Who wears the Pants |






Everyone, it seems, has their ‘go to’ part in their wardrobe. The easy option. The, choose anything from this section and add to it, part. For me, it is pants. Or jeans.

I am a serial pants wearer and for me it’s all about the comfort factor. Jeans or pants are easy to wear when you are running around all day… plus I can forgo tanning cream on my legs and get dressed way quicker.



I have found over the years that pants suit my body shape better. I don’t have much of a waist, and if I wear a skirt i can tend to look a little ‘blocky’. I have about 6 staple bottom half options, ranging from jeans, (light and dark), plus black, charcoal and white pants. These are on constant rotation on a daily basis. Just keep adding a range of tee’s and jackets, and the options are never ending.

Which do you prefer to grab? Pants or skirts?


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