White Hot | Decor all White

White Hot | Decor all White


White interiors are always hot. White Hot. It is hands down the only colour palette that is consistently on trend, always. White can be injected in many ways into your home. If you choose a cool white, with grey tones, it is a fresh, contemporary almost art gallery feel, that can work in all homes.


Or perhaps you prefer a warmer white. One with a yellow base. This can be applied in a south facing room, (Southern Hemisphere readers) which is traditionally cooler. It will help to add depth and soften the overall feel. Even if the walls are creamier, try adding crisp white accessories to freshen the decor.


An all white room is classic. High maintenance perhaps, and probably best when small children have grown and left the nest. You don’t want to live in a home that is precious. This creates tension and that simply won’t do. If you are certain you can handle the glamorous all white palette and have kids, choose a formal space, bathroom or kitchen to deck out in the pearly white colour..way less pressure.


If the white on white is still making you nervous, choose white art, white taps, all white decorator pieces like platters and plates or white lights. This will still add the fresh pop you are looking for and create some vibrant features for your home.


White is my go to base colour for most interiors. White can be The Hampton’s style. White can be a super minimalistic style. White can be a soothing country style. White can be all you want to be.


So my design tip is this. Choose some paint pots, or fabrics and start splashing that milky whiteness around. All around.


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