Mid Week Inspiration | Bisazza Mosaico




There are many ways to dress a room, and the trend moving forward is all about the glass tile. And my favourite of all is Bisazza Mosaica. Bisazza is one of the top luxury brands in the design sector and the industry’s leading producer of glass mosaic for interior and exterior decoration.






Established in 1956 in Alte Vicenza, Northern Italy, the company has become a trailblazer, marked by a dynamic, unique producer of materials that can anticipate the needs of the global market.






Whether it is a solid colour with a speckle of another shimmering shade… or an entire ‘mural’ style floral mosaic displaying softness, a herringbone gold and bronze pattern or a diamond printed wall, Bisazza can accommodate any interior designers’ whim.






Mosaic features are perfect for showrooms, outdoors, indoors, hotels, homes and water spaces. It can be the main concept of a store or a feature bathroom or living space in your home. A ‘Bisazza’ style pool can be a decorative element for an outdoor area, placing stunning tiled flowers and shimmering mosaic patterns along the floor and walls of your pool and surrounding area.






So take just one wall or an entire room…and consider the mosaic experience. It’s a powerful feature that will no doubt add glamour and a unique style to any project.






So go for it…embrace Bisazza..I know I do..


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