Friday Inspiration | My Top 5 Decorating Pieces

There is so much choice out in the design and decorating world right now, it can be overwhelming. I have complied my top 5 must have decor items, to help narrow down your choice.

1| Encaustic Tiles |

Its all about pattern.  Add these beautiful tiles it in a multiple patchwork formation or a random amount mixed with a plain base tile. The feature will pop.

2 | Brass Pineapples |

Brass finish is major right now. Old school with a modern twist. The pineapple is always an eclectic addition to anything design. It sits well in a modern home or a more traditional decor. The pineapple adds punch.

3 | Navy Blue |

The number one colour on the trend forecast is all things blue. Especially Navy. It is masculine, chic and timeless. Pair it with timber and biscuit, black and white or brass. Navy velvet is my all time fave. Use it. It’s super luxe. Or if you want something less permanent..go for a navy blue door. Perfect.

4 | Black Basins |

Black is the new black. Break with tradition. Leave the ordinary white basin behind and embrace the black. The best room to place this look is the powder room. That’s where you can add some drama. It’s a feature that will be a talking point amongst guests and family alike. And in always in a good way.

5 | Grass Cloth Wallpaper |

Texture is a rooms best friend. The wallpaper trend is not going anywhere anytime soon, and grass cloth is the number one option. Its organic, soft, adds warmth and can be layered with art and mirrors easily.

Now…get out there and get some of the top 5’s for your home….


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