The Summer Interiors Trend Prediction…

Summer is fast approaching. The days are getting longer, lighter and warmer. So what is trending in the interiors world as we head full throttle towards Summer? Here are a few of my predictions…


COPPER| Not as obvious as gold…not as overdone as chrome…Copper is quietly creeping in as my big design crush…Copper can be used to add a touch of glamour without being to much of a show off. Wallpaper, taps, or pendant lights are all subtle ways of introducing this metallic hero to any space.








EMERALD | Every season there is a feature colour for our homes. Last year it was citrus yellow, which I still love using… and this year Pantone has decided that we must fall in love with the striking colour emerald. Patchwork tiles in a variety of emerald hues against a brilliant white bathroom is a focal point that will stun your guests. Try a burst of colour by including an emerald green sofa or feature chair…the perfect way to add the colour and personality to a room. Or erhaps a wall of emerald coloured glass in the kitchen as a splash back will help us all break away from the all white kitchen…One trend that is not going anywhere it seems.








ART | An emphasis on art is making a big comeback in the interiors world. Art has always been in our homes, but black and white photographs took the lead over coloured pop art over the past few years. With the trend swinging towards adding more colour and shine to the spaces we live in, what better way to do it than with glossy shiny art work. Punch out some style in the entry with colour on canvas. Hang a perspex framed oil painting in the main living room. Or throw a myriad of different art framed up on the master bedroom wall in lieu of the standard bed head. I dare you.








Which summer trend will you embrace in your home this year?


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