Shanghai Eat and Drinks Part 3 | The Clubs

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Day 3: Clubs
Today we headed to the art gallery section of Shanghai to wander the quaint alleys filled with galleries, and Authentic Chinese artifacts and jewellery. Prohibition Posters and Post cards were all available and some originals were on hand for purchase as well. Second stop was a department store for a quick browse and then back to the fair to continue with the fabric selection process. The traffic is chaotic is Shanghai and can take a while to go the shortest distance, but the cost in minimal and if you have the business card with the address in Chinese, it should go smoothly. Should.
Back to the hotel by early evening I headed straight to the Char Rooftop Bar. Fast becoming my favourite hang out. On the 30th floor of the Hotel Indigo it is a haven overlooking the whole city and Bund River. Gazing at the city lights which are almost enough to rival the Vegas strip, whilst sipping Champagne, and listening to variety of languages humming in the was my feel good- pinch – yourself  moment of the trip.
 Dinner was booked at the M1nt Club. This venue has been voted

M1NT Restaurant & Grill


………A pure Asian Fusion affair. We were lucky to get a table. The design of the restaurant and bar was exceptional, dark wooden floors, amazing pendant lighting and velvet backed dining chairs. The bar was central and circular and is also a cigar bar…lucky the exhaust fans work overtime! The menu is not huge, however… I ordered the beef carpaccio and it was quite possibly the best Ive ever eaten. Literally melting on the tongue.  Sides included, French mash, Beans with XO sauce and the Pancetta Ceaser was sublime. Our waiter organised a tour of the private members rooftop bar..which was not a patch on the Indigo, and located between the restaurant and the rooftop was a night club. In all it was very cosmopolitan and the uber of the uber chic were all there…plus us..



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