Shanghai Eat and Drinks Diary Part 4 | Shopping




West Nanjing Rd is a total juxtaposition of shopping levels. According to any Shanghai guidebook, Nanjing Road is a must-see. It is composed of two sections – Nanjing Road West, which runs from the city center to People’s Square, and Nanjing Road East, which continues until the Huangpu River where the Bund sits. As you stroll the busy shopping strip lined with Tiffany and Co, Louis Vuitton and the like…go just a couple of blocks West and you are smack bang in front of the hustle and bustle of the market shopping building.








5 floors of  ‘designer’ jewellery and handbags, clothes, suitcases,runners, linens and silks. Plus Chinese souvenirs, dolls, key rings and postcards. Be prepared to haggle for the best price on all of your purchases. 10% of the asking price is actually a possibility on all goods..just stay strong with your offer and no doubt you will pick a bargain or two.








We left the market at dusk and made our way in torrential rain back to the tailor near the hotel to collect the clothing that had been custom made. The clothes were perfect and with an armful of shopping bags we headed back to the Char Rootop Bar for a pre dinner drink and to catch our breath. Dinner was booked at the Char restaurant 30th floor located within the hotel, and it has been reviewed as being the best eye fillet in Shanghai, and we were determined to find out…







With a variety of Australian and Japanese beef on the menu… it did not disappoint. With a selection of steak knives from around the world presented prior to the meal being served, and the selection of 8 salt jars also from different parts of the world, it was the perfect attention to detail.   What a superb meal to top off a fabulous stay at The Hotel Indigo.








You cannot visit Shanghai without a stroll along the infamous Bund at night…so we were off for a night cap at the Waldorf Astoria… Now thats a majestic, romantic building with an awesome view. Very old school. Delightful.








The Long Bar was magnificent, very old school with dark timber panelling, marble bar tops, bronze mirror and the jazz singer was hitting all the right notes. A Brandy Alexander..or 2..and were done.




Thankyou Shanghai…I truly look forward to the next time we meet….

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