Shanghai Eat and Drinks Diary | Part 2


Day 2: Trade Fair
Upon waking in the most comfortable hotel bed Ive possibly ever slept in, and showering with the open view of the many ferries and cruisers on the Bund, the day was starting well. We headed to the Quay Restaurant located on the 6th floor for the  Breakfast Buffet. This Hotel Indigo just keeps getting better and better. The views from the restaurant are simply stunning.  But the sight of the buffet was equally as good.  The choices included a variety of Asian and Western Style foods.  Beautifully arranged salmon, cheeses, cereals, smoothies, yoghurts, fried breads, noodles, soups, breads, fresh juices, dumplings, fruit salads…and if you felt like eggs, freshly made Eggs Benedict, Poached, Scrambled, Fried and of course Omlettes with all condiments. Plus Ily coffee for the lattes..Good start.
We were fortunate enough to meet the head executive chef of the hotel Julie who is an Aussie, and she filled us in on a general hints on getting around in Shanghai. Her info was priceless. Just as I was poring over the map and trying to figure out East from West in Chinese, Julie gave fantastic advice on  a variety of places to go for the best tailors, dvds, shopping markets, gardens, shopping districts, art galleries, and the best massage in town…Head and Feet at once! Julie explained that you needed business cards to show the taxi drivers otherwise they will not understand. We had experienced this firsthand the night before.the taxi driver kicking us out of his taxi because he didn’t know here to go…..just showing the map and pointing is not enough to get are the language barrier deal maker…



I went upstairs and grabbed my favourite  jacket and sheer top i had brought with me to get copied. The tailor was across the road from the hotel in a huge fabric warehouse with many other tailors.. it’s a 3 day turnaround for new we went straight over. In my experience when getting something custom made in an Asian country, its best if you bring the piece you want made., and get them to directly copy that further measurements required..just choose the fabrics you like. Much safer option then trying to explain what you want.  (In all i had 2 silky sheer tops,  and 2woollen caplets with ribbon trim made for under $400. )





Then it was off to the Trade Fair… quite literally hundred and hundreds of stalls and fabric exporters located under 3 wings of this exhibition. Its exhausting both mentally and physically doing these fairs, you need to check all suppliers..just in case they have the perfect fabric you like….lots do..but even more don’ its all hit and exhausting miss…6 hours was enough for me one day one of the we left…to shop!



Straight to Hua Hai Rd..first stop Sephora…makeup and products galore….love this shop it stocks the Sephora own brand plus just about eveybodys else’s  and is reallyl well priced. So lets just saw..I loaded up the Credit card! Other stores..Marks and Spencer, Zara, The Shangai all the high end stores. All open tip 10pm.
I decided to go and buy some DVDs from the recommenced place in.., jumped in a cab..showed the card and away we went..with a few new realeases  and  a quick stop the Brau Huase..for an eyebrow thread..then it was back to the hotel for drinks on the rooftop bar Char Rooftop.

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