Month: August 2013

Mid week Inspiration…Limestone…

Limestone Quarry


I’m not quite sure when I started crushing on Limestone. Was it when I was a kid and my parents had big opulent limestone fire place mantles in the formal rooms? I’m not altogether sure but I seem to have had a lifelong love affair with all natural stones…Be it creamy textured Limestone…or veiny Cross Cut Travertine…Or chic timeless honed Marble…Don’t know. Don’t care. Just keep it coming.


Limestone Stairs

Limestone Stairs
Limestone Pool In a Quarry
Limestone Pool In a Quarry
Limestone Sculpture
Limestone Sculpture


Limestone is a sedimentary rock largely made of minerals calcite and calcium carbonate. Most are composed of skeletal fragments of marine organisms and make up 10% of the total volume these types of rocks. It has, believe it or not a multitude of uses…for buildings, aggregate for roads..and the white pigment or filler in toothpaste…Ok enough Wiki Info…The Sculpture pictured above is from the artist Amedeo Modigliani, and sold at Christie’s, Paris for a staggering 52.8 million bucks! Now Thats an expensive rock..


Travertine Pool Quarry
Travertine Pool Quarry

TH Trevor Square 19667


The quirky sister of the Limestone family is the impressive veined Travertine. It can be honed, filled, unfilled, cross cut and polished..just to name a few ways of creating with this amazing natural product. Travertine is a form of limestone that is created  by precipitation in mineral springs..especially hot ones..or in the mouth of a cave, where it may create stalactites, or stalagmites.. and has a white and tan or cream coloured varieties.


Cross Cut Travertine
Cross Cut Travertine


Although it is porous, and requires looking after..maybe even is still a keen favourite material to be used in many designs in the decorating world. I adore these products..and specify a lot of natural stones in my own design company. It is timeless, classic and paired with the right surroundings, can be totally modern and contemporary as well..



Weekend Round Up…What I Wore…Stripes & Stars…


Unintentionally I Maxxed out the Stripes from the wardrobe over the last week…It must be subliminal and I guess everyone has a go-to look as a fall back. Mine is definitely pants. Or Jeans. Always. I do try to add a skirt every now and then..and I must admit, it feels weird. Skirts are hard..I wear them and then I feel too corporate, and in my profession the corporate look is a major buzz kill. So how do I add some much needed fun to my ‘none-go-to’ look? Mix it up. I wore a Sportsgirl Pencil Skirt, Black Opaques and Ankle Boots with Gold Trim from Witchery. The Bassike denim Jacket keeps the office look casual…and the vintage Dolce & Gabana Neck Candy bangs out the much needed bling to mix up the look.


Mid week and I chose the Cue Swagger Black and White Stripe Pants, The Witchery Biscuit Linen Blazer…I Love a good blazer…It can be worn with Skirts, Jeans and even Tracksuit Pants can handle the ‘Blazer’. Witchery Black Suede Pumps, Cashmere Scarf and a black Kmart tee shirt…


Friday night was a dinner and drinks with friends on a cold winters night..I wore Witchery Lacquered Skinny Jeans..Kmart Gold studded heels, Ivory Phlanel Sheer top and Guess Emerald Faux Fur jacket to keep me warm. The Husk Gold and Emerald drop earrings and the Louis Vuitton Cocktail ring with my Black and Gold Hermes Bracelet..


The stripes and stars addition to the fashion family…Kids sport saturday are a day long I wore the Cotton On USA scarf, Michael Kors Gold Spike Runners, Zara Skinny Zip Jeans and the Witchery Long Grey Cardigan over the Zara White ‘Do It For Yourself’ Tee…Another great week both at work and at play…


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Mid Week Inspiration…Green Smoothies

I may be a little slow to get on the green smoothie bandwagon..but I can finally say..Im now on board. My daughter started making them for breakfast last week..and I was tempted to try..and pleased with what I tasted. I have tweaked the recipe a little, by adding some coriander which I think I could eat .. and now.. drink with just about anything!

I posted the smoothie pic on Instagram and had requests for the here it is..feel free to add your own mix to it and keep me posted with the options..I would love to hear what you guys add..


I am super busy every day..and I really think this new green friend is a healthy and energetic booster for me. I have been drinking it after working out and I do feel better. Less stressed. I aim to make this juice 3-4 times a week, and so far so good.



Weekend Round Up..What I Wore To Ansett Reunions and Beyond..

What a wonderful week…Forget the fashion for a minute and let me tell how special it was to reunite with my old work buddies from the amazing airline Ansett Australia. I was a flight attendant from 1988 until it collapsed in 2001..and I adored every single second of that part of my life. It is hard to define the special bond we had as work mates and colleagues. Trust me when I say, nobody gets it,..Unless of course you were part of this wonderful family. So, what is now hopefully an annual event..we lunched, and wined and got a little crazy at the Trust Hotel in the CBD…It was like a time warp..everybody was older..of course..but I can tell you something…the recruiting team for the ’80’s flight crew chose well…I will put it out there that every single guy and gal looked fantastic and it was just as if no time had past..conversations flowed without a single pause..It was beautiful and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it…But..what did I wear I hear you ask??

Th old trusty Sass & Bide Capelet was the piece de jour..Black and White super hero powers reside in said capelet…Add Black Witchery Skinny Jeans, Witchery Sheer Silk Shirt, The Sass & Bide Velvet tassel necklace as a bracelet, Black Hermes Bracelet and my now famous $5 black n gold Kmart heels. Reunion Ready.


Saturday was a little hazy..and it was freezing..and I had 3 rounds of kids teams sport..So..Sportsgirl Cargo Pants, Chocolate Guess Puffer, Target Grey Woollen Beanie and Huski Apre Black and Fur trimmed Snow Boots..Not the prettiest of outfits..but I was toasty warm drinking my latte on the sporting fields..

Sunday was a design based morning…Life Instyle is a design based fair and its a must do..Perfect to pick up new suppliers and get a head start on the upcoming trend in the decor world. So I chose to step out in..Zara Skinny Jeans, Wittner Gold and Suede Boots..A little Sunday bling..Witchery Rose Gold Bomber, Cotton On Indian Scarf, and Zara Grey Singlet. Easy. Done. Phew. Bring on next week…


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