Fabulous Friday…Skiing Holiday…Chalet in Style..

Im heading off to the slopes of Mt Buller for the weekend and taking the kids skiing…We are novelty skiers, let me make that clear…but it’s exciting to know that in a few hours we will be amongst the white powdery slopes, sitting by a warm fire, sipping hot chocolates and taking in the whole ski village atmosphere…thats almost the best part for me..and checking out the apres ski fashion of course!

Apres Ski Wear

There is nothing better than after a strenuous day of skiing..or snow ploughing…then to indulge in a spa or massage…your body needs to recover somehow from the stress of not breaking any bones..and although a shot of Schnapps is always a helper…a swim may be better…


Skiing in Europe or Colorado are usually where the celebrities flock..in particular Aspen..or Zermatt Peak in Switzerland and Chamonix in the French Alps..and if you want to share a chairlift with a star then head to there to take in all the glamour of  Hollywood Skiing..


Chamonix French Alps

I was lucky enough to ski in Chamonix a few years ago and it was truly spectacular..The height of those mountains is intoxicating and taking the Gondola up to the highest peak is crazy scary..sliding most of the way down on your backside…is just plain crazy!


Whether you are a gun on the slopes..or a more timid skier, looking the part is key..in the bar..nobody knows what level you are at..so always dress the part…Loving these Chanel Goggles..however if I bought these…I probably couldn’t afford the ski hire! I’ll stick with my Oakleys thanks…Have a wonderful weekend..


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