Mid Week Inspiration…Green Smoothies

I may be a little slow to get on the green smoothie bandwagon..but I can finally say..Im now on board. My daughter started making them for breakfast last week..and I was tempted to try..and pleased with what I tasted. I have tweaked the recipe a little, by adding some coriander which I think I could eat .. and now.. drink with just about anything!

I posted the smoothie pic on Instagram and had requests for the recipe..so here it is..feel free to add your own mix to it and keep me posted with the options..I would love to hear what you guys add..


I am super busy every day..and I really think this new green friend is a healthy and energetic booster for me. I have been drinking it after working out and I do feel better. Less stressed. I aim to make this juice 3-4 times a week, and so far so good.



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