Mid Week Inspiration… Pink..The Truth About Love..


What a refreshing rock star Pink is…Last night I went to see one of the best concerts I’ve been to in ages…Pinks’ The Truth About Love’ tour. It has taken concerts to the next level..both musically and physically…A whole new level..Sky High..Literally. While Spinning in the air, Pink is mostly acrobat more than dancer, and she defies gravity for almost the entire show. Whilst Singing. Live. I Repeat.Live. We were in the mosh and she spun above us like a spinning, singing  top. It was nothing less than Awesome.


She’s sold over 200,000 tickets for her 18 shows at Rod Laver Arena, breaking the record she set on the 2009’s Funhouse tour. I went with my girlfriends and our daughters..all under 13..the daughters..not us!..And apart from one song.. Slut Like You..the lyrics have all been toned down..The F Bomb was missing from a number of tunes…Has motherhood softened this hard core rocker  / pop mama? Maybe..Maybe Not..But Who really cares?  Pink is one of the few entertainers that can rock it, pop it and swing on a ballad..and have the audience enjoying every second of this amazing ride. The concert is on par for being one of the best of the year..and so far ..I think it will win hands down

IMG_0034So what..she’s still a rock star..she’s got her rock moves…and she wants you tonight..


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