Villa Versus Hotels..Whats your Holiday Style??

Reblogging my Bali posts as everyone is heading off to Bali for JUNE JULY breather..Enjoy the tips..

Wanderlust Active Travel

….As I sit on my banana lounge, in the warm sun….I contemplate my surroundings..My abode for the next 7 nights is a luxury villa in Canngu Beach, Bali…I can hear the waves crashing in the distance, the bamboo chimes are quietly singing as the summer breeze gently tickles them…Its nice, really nice..and peaceful..Exactly what is needed to recharge, and think about the year ahead……However….I miss the noise of kids splashing in the pool, waiters to make cocktails..and the Lobby Bar for pre dinner drinks…..Hmmmm..Does this indicate I prefer a Hotel Over a Private Villa…..The answer is yes.. I love people watching, I love the organised Yoga on the beach, I love meeting strangers from all over the world and insisting they must catch when next in Oz or we are a visitor in their country…The Hotel wins if you like to mix it up…The Villa Wins if you like more…

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