Mid Week Inspiration…Eyelash Envy Anyone??

Is there anyone who doesn’t love a long sexy lash….For decades and decades the lash has had some power…Back in the ’60’s the focus on the eye was paramount..the heavy eyeliner..the sweeping mascara…the chic sexy smokey eye..Never fails to impress..

Screen sirens across the globe for decades have been batting those long chic lashes…Classic and chic, think..Raquel Welsh, Elizabeth Taylor, Bridget Bardot..Newbies, think…Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, Lady Gaga…Love ’em or hate ’em you can’t deny the lash appeal and those gals have a little extra somethin’ somethin’…

There are zillion ways to increase the lash…Permanent extensions, stick ons, glue ons, individual application, ones with string pulls, extension creams, curlers, irons, thickening creams and gels…Or if you want the celebrity look..you can pick a star that takes your fancy.. and you too can look like JLo or Gwen…Direct from the packet…How great is that??

Anyway you look at it..whether it be from under an extra long luscious sexy black as night lash..or from a quirky bedazzled in gold dust Studio 54 style..You’ve  just got to give it a go..Start batting those baby blues all dressed up…But be warned..A lot of lash will get you a lot of attention…Just sayin’….


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