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Cook Islands..Eat and Drinks Diary Part 2..

This mini break holiday had one main goal…to get away with my kids and mother and enjoy some warm weather…create memories to last a life time ..and relax…I wanted my girls to put down the iPads, iPhones and social media interaction for a few days and bond like siblings do when there is nobody else around…and its working…


Day 3 :Snorkeling  : Captain Tames Underwater Snorkeling Tour… I had pre booked this tour with my travel agent before leaving home.’s often cheaper than booking once at your destination..and even though you want your holiday to be un structured and to go with the’s also good to know that certain days have activities organised … the bus picked us all up and we were off to the other side of the island to the main docking area where we were  be fitted for flippers, masks and snorkels..then we jumped into the glass bottom boats and we were off to explore…Rarotongo is enclosed by a reef that wraps the perimeter of the island and the  depth ranges from 2- 3mtrs inside the  perimeter of the island…once at the reef drops immediately to 3.5km below sea level..huge waves crash around the island but the lagoons are protected and safe..and very calm..the brightest of blues and the fish and coral spectacular…this particular boat touring company is a family run organisation with cousins and brothers overseeing everything from the entrainment, navigating and island seafood BBQ lunch…after about an hour of snorkeling we headed to a private island to sunbathe and swim.. or perhaps a beach side massage is more your style?? i know..its mine…how good is it to lie in the sun whilst being massaged…bliss…and then lunch is served….add to this a whole bunch of singing and ukelele playing..sarong tying and a ‘how to’ lesson on opening and drinking from coconuts. A quick swim and then it was time to get back to the main island…the tour lasts from approx 11am -= 330pm..bear in mind your totally on island no watches allowed and costs approx $75per’s well worth it..


Day 4..Dina Lohan I aint…but my 18yr daughter was hell bent on exploring the night life whilst on the island..and she couldn’t go merely as a research exercise for the blog…all in the name of research…I went clubbing…I thought the best way to see all the clubs safely was to do the ‘ol fashioned pub crawl, so I booked the Night Bus.. A Bar Crawl Tour that starts at 9pm and finishes at 2am… so we were promptly at our hotel lobby at 9pm, eager and ready to rock it out..this slightly wrong mother and daughter duo..We heard the doof doof before we saw the flashing lights and the open topped disco bus. The cheers went up from the mid twenties – early thirties back packing crowd as we jumped aboard and we were on our way to the first stop..So awkward!….The Coco Puff proved to be a low key outdoor venue with a loud beat from the DJ… stop one..tick..stop two was a little more upmarket..local images and number plates from around the world adorned the walls and ceiling…..the NZ and Aussies were playing drinking games..the Italians and Spanish were doing shots of vino..and the newly weds were keen to get amongst it…my daughter and I took until stop 3 to make some mates..I think they realised we weren’t as odd as the combo seemed..and then we were salsa dancing with the Spanish and trying to decipher the Italians..Stop 4..very traditional island pub..Traders Jack ..all Maori and Islanders..and our little crazy tour group…its was stinking hot dancing on concrete in a tin shed..but a great laugh..the last stop was called Rehab..aptly named and thats where the dance music hit its highest..the guys were cool to watch as they pulled out all the moves and we actually had a ball..the tour guide took great care to make sure we felt safe and secure at all times..and by the end of the night..we all managed to have a blast..and of course we made new travel buddies..The bus got everyone back to their hotels safe n sound…A fun night  if you’re game….and a great way to forget your age and just enjoy!

The Cook Islands..Eat and Drinks Diary ..Part 1


The Cook Islands..location..halfway to Hawaii from Oz..and just over the international dateline..a cluster of small islands..with aqua blue water and often vocanic mountains on the other side..pick an island depending on your vacay requirements..then prepare to go slow and enjoy the tropical surroundings..time is of no use here…if you are travelling as a couple and want romance..there are many honeymoon’esque islands with secluded huts right on the beach and a limit on guests..if you’re looking for a family fun version..opt for the main island of Rarotonga and pick one of the 3 only 5 star resorts that cater for kids..Thats what I did for out latest OS adventure..I’ve never been to the Cook Islands..and for those of you not aware..the surroundings are 5 star..the resorts are 3…very circa 1985..luckily the amazing surroundings make up for the lack of design aethestic..If you are looking for tropical hustle and shopping and warm weather,..this is not it..the Cook Is are in their own time warp..No shopping..but plenty of sunshine..We arrived at midnight and headed to our resort..The Rarotongan Resort and Spa..we had booked beach front rooms..thank the garden rooms are very need to see that beach upon waking…the palm trees and the sound of the surf ensure peace and calm..the reef surrounds this resort and the lagoon is magical..

Nite 1 : We headed into the town to check out the array of restaurants on offer..and decided upon the Tamarind..a beach front establishment with a no kids under 12 rule..lucky my youngest is tall!!..Perfect NZ wines..fresh seafood and the service was above standard for this relaxed place..expensive seems to be the norm be prepared…however it was delightful first night and we headed back full of good food and happy.


Night 2: it goes without saying that you simply must treat yourself to a local traditional night out..especially with kids in tow..our hotel offered an authentic island Nite..which means local dancers..drums..and a traditonal dinner of local meats cooked in an underground like oven..the meats are wrapped in banana leaves, put over hot volcanic rocks and left to cook for 12 hours..this ensures a smokey tender flavour that is an aquired taste…the kids loved it and the ritual dancers told the story of the local people and their struggles..tropical cocktails and mocktails and a history lesson all wrapped in a big banana leaf like experience..a must do when visiting a country like this..


The days have been lazy..snorkelling the reef and chasing the most amazing coloured fish..paddleboarding..ensuring core strength is not lost whilst on holidays..or just floating in the warm aqua waters..sure beats the chilly Melbourne winter back home…it’s good to take time and just breathe again..

…S x

Instant Replay..My Instagram Top 6 of the Week..

Weekend Round Up..What I Wore..Graffiti Style

IMG_0016In a vain attempt (no pun intended) to reduce the ‘selfie’ from my Monday Fashion posts..I managed to coerce my assistant GG to become photographer for the blog ..last week we took it to the streets to capture some shots..but as you can see..the odd ‘selfie’ has still managed to creep it’s way in….

Tuesday..It was a sunny but wintry day in Melbs and I had meetings all day in the I wore..Kenneth Cole knee high grey suede boots, Mavi Dark Denim jeans..Witchery sheer Black Shirt..Forever New Grey and White Faux Fur..aka Mob Wives Coat..Vintage Black Ray Bans, Chanel Perspex Bracelet and Lovissa Earrings…Graffiti in ally..courtesy of an unknown artist..


Friday..Client meetings and product I wore…Witchery Black Suede Gold tip Booties..Sass & Bide Black Wool Pants with Gold Embellishments, Cue Black Knit Top, Top Shop Black Jacket with shoulder pads and zipper sleeve, Hermes Orange Cuff, Louis Vuitton Cocktail Ring, Ganache Boutique Gold Choker and House of Harlow by Nicole Ritchie round shades..Fridays are smooth…

P1000417Sunday Night…there was no excuse…other than to have a quick glass of wine ..or 3 with my girlfriend before I head OS tomorrow…Bad hair always equals hat in my I wore..Zara Grey Skinny Leg Jeans, Grey Cable Knit V Neck Jumper from Sportsgirl, Bassike Japanese Denim Jacket, Pumpkin Patch Black / White Stripe Beanie..a childs throwback from years ago..New Witchery Gold Handbag..and the ultimate bargain kicks were from Kmart..$8 black and gold studded heels..For $8..I had to buy them even if I never wear them..So I did..and I have..

imagesWhat a great week..Shoe bargains, faux fur and hats…sums it all up perfectly..


Hawaii Eats n Drinks Diary Part One…

For those of you lucky enough to be jetting to Waikiki..

Wanderlust Active Travel

waikiki_beachFor the next 7 nights I am embracing all things Waikiki…Coconut oil, Fire Dancing, Surfing and Fruity Cocktails. Leaving the hot Aussie Summer for the Balmy Hawaiian Winter..Perfect Exchange.

We left Melbourne and jetted off to Honolulu for some great USD shopping and fun in the sun. The flight is easy for the down under traveller, locked in at only 10’s a piece of cake. A night flight and arrival at 6am..not a piece of cake..However, the best thing to do is to refuse to accept the time zone change and embrace the gain of a second shot at Tuesday.

Upon arrival we headed straight to the rent a car and drove across the island to the famous North Shore. It’s too early to check into the hotel, it’s too early to start lets head off to old school Hawaii and take in the sights.

The Hotel Turtle…

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Bali Eat n Drinks Diary part 2……

Bali #2..School holidays are almost here..who’s going to BALI?

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The mini blog continues as we strive ahead on what is fast becoming a Bloody Mary tour…                                                                                                                                                   Enjoy Part 2….

Night 3

We met up with some friends who happen to be in Bali, and headed straight to the SOS Rooftop bar..4th floor of the Anatara Hotel in Seminak. This is where I think I would like to stay next time I visit bali…Right overlooking the beach it is very uber chic and very impressive ..Mirror panels to…

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Instant Replay..My Instagram Top 6 of the Week

Weekend Round Up..What I Wore Hats, Fur and Flowers…


This week I decided it was time for a hat…I love a hat..summer through to winter..hats can add quirk to a regular ‘ol outfit..They are great for bad hair days..and equally as great with smooth straight locks or a Hollywood Blow Out and the ‘I just got out of bed’ tousled look….Try it..

Wednesday was a great work day..,initial meeting for  my new fabric range with a textile I wore..Witchery Black Lacqured Skinny Leg Jeans…Witchery Suede Black n Gold Boots, a Black Metallicus Stretch top as a layering piece, Zara Silky Ivory Tee with Gold Zipper..the cashmere scarf from India ..and the pop of winter trend…my deep purple felt hat from Rubi..last years winter bargain for under $30..

Thursday was freezing so I wore..Black Pleather Pants from Cotton On, (the squeaky ones ) another Ivory silk shirt from Zara..the black and white combo is such a favourite of mine..knee high black suede and patent boots from Nine West and the rug me up and keep me toasty warm..Caramel rouched faux fur from Guess..My ode to the Russian Mafia…Add the Louis Vuitton cocktail ring and I’m good to go…

Sunday was lunch at home with good friends, good wine and a fluke of great meal..Put on the fire, pour the Pinot and slice that Chateau I wore..Black N White all over..Black Witchery Lacqured jeans..again..The Zara Ivory short Sleeve T..again added my Sass & Bide Camelia neck candy.. and running with the Camelia theme the kicks had to be the  classic Patent Ivory and Black Chanel Pumps..

It was a wonderful week of wintry work and play…I hope you enjoyed yours just as much..


Fabulous Fridays…Curved Architecture..

Sydney-Mediterranean-House-Architecture-DesignStraight Up…I love a curve…there is something really cool about a curved wall. Throughout the years, architects and designers have added flair and drama to regular straight buildings..By throwing a curve here and there…what a difference that slanty little piece of detail makes…

curved-wall-architecture-2The best way to add a curve is to consider the surroundings…carving out a space from the side of a mountain means that your house or pool can literally hug the sides and wrap itself around the terrain..Instant Curve appeal…

five-franklin-place-loft-master-bathroomLove this master bathroom…How cool to add a partition wall with a slight curve as a privacy screen..It softens the hard lines and masculinity and makes for serene and peaceful bathing space..

Spanish architecture has a subtle smooth curve or arch..its classic and timeless and yet a very modern twist…and being all white is a major plus..

ecole6Curved and floating..a double whammy for this staircase..looks good…just don’t drink too many shots of Tequila before bed…

Sydney_OperaYou can’t post about curved architecture without giving the Sydney Opera House a quick mention. It was conceived and largely built by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, opening in 1973 after a long gestation that began with his competition-winning design in 1957. It is one of the 20th century’s most distinctive buildings and one of the most famous performing arts centres in the world.

So if you think you can handle a little extra..add some curves to your world…Your space can be the envy of the neighbourhood..Look out..Dangerous Curves Ahead..