Mid Week Inspiration…Rosetta You Rocked Me…

Rosetta BannerI really should go into the city to dine out more…coz when I do..I wonder why I don’t do it more often…Point in case last Saturday night…heading to Rosetta Ristorante located at Crown Towers for dinner was a very cool night out..

From the minute we walked in..my heart started to flutter..all of my favourite materials were calling my name…the crimson velvet banquettes sitting atop the oversized Chevron Grey and White Marble flooring, the White Carrara Marble mitred wall enclaves, the Mahogany Herringbone vertical panels housing the myriad Black and White Photographs and all sitting beneath the oversized and decadent pendant lights…Old school opulence on a grand scale…

Neil Perry has really shone with his first foray into true authentic Italian cuisine. The food is not regionally specific – it covers the seaside and rural localities, and there is a subtle emphasis on fine dining over rustic peasant fare. Pasta is the draw card, and with sixteen varieties on the menu there are more than a handful of options. I chose an angel hair pasta with soft shell crab, chilli, garlic and decent squirt of squid ink..Man it was good…The wine list is an extensive collection of Italian varieties, organised by region and inclusive of a handful of Australian drops. Its a great selection to choose from and when in doubt..sip from them all…

We were seated outside..and on a cold Melbourne night I was slightly concerned…but there was no reason what-so-ever to be worried…the heated floor slabs of marble radiated enough heat to warm up the banquette seats and we were so toasty…best idea..Ever…Such a perfect place to sit and enjoy a wonderful night of feasting, sipping and lively conversation…Head to Rosetta for a full on night of Italianisms…You simply must..

…Ciao Ciao…Sx

2 thoughts on “Mid Week Inspiration…Rosetta You Rocked Me…

  1. Went there for dinner a couple of weeks ago and Mr Perry was hosting, it was incredibly good.

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