Fabulous Friday …The Foyer…

07250fea87215770f0e5db9875eff7f7Is there anything more…’Gone With the Wind Fabulous’..than a stunning, opulent, over the top divine..drum roll…Foyer…Or..how I prefer to pronounce it…’Foy-Ay’..Much classier..No?

60db891e7d1a7efa4c79f16dc27579c9When you think of a Foyer..you automatically think large and grand..a welcoming space that sets a certain precedence for the remainder of the home. High ceilings, chandeliers, beautiful art work and the like. That’s certainly the old school version of the Grand Foyer and requires stature and class. I thinks thats all about to change..

f5fe512e47a86a2c04c008e1916793a1How stunning is the image above..this is not the standard Foyer look, however, the pop of  hot pink, the geometric door painted black and the mirrored velvet stool..are all elements of a contemporary entry with a hint of tradition locked in a classic chequer board floor…Mixing it up..Old n New..

160cd55fcebf311048b36efc4da4bf46More subtle, but equally as interesting..this entry foyer is layers of creamy cream and beige, usually considered safe and dull…but this works too..

The images above are my favourite…the colours, the mix of textures and the little eccentric accessories..all add up to a cool chic and uber uber Foyer..

So even if your house is not the big ol’ white mansion from Gone With Wind…you can still create some drama in your entry…whatever the scale..then twirl around, flick your hair and and be fabulous….because..frankly my dear…I don’t give a damn…


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