Mid Week Inspiration..Glass Refrigerators…Super Chic..or Super Stepford..

OK..so those that know me will agree that my day to day non OCD traits would be not be conducive to glass doors on my refrigerator..I would’t cave to pressure to make it look perfect..so it would end up looking like a red hot mess..and thus the aim of the glass door fantasticalness would be zero..it would be talking point for all the wrong reasons.
c6c8b80efe444280dd8d2a5bae9783a5But deep down, I still want one.. minus the OCD pressure ‘n all…
I think that the removal of solid doors and the replacement of clear glass would be a spectacular feature in most kitchens…(disclaimer..Most..) Perfect if you live in a very upmarket penthouse apartment, you don’t yet have small children, you never cook at home, actually…you never really are ever at home… but your fridge is just full of French Champs and Perrier..Now that would look pretty cool…

Another … perhaps more practical way of living the dream..is to have the ‘Cinderella’ glass refrigerator in the main part of the kitchen..all dressed up and looking pretty….Guests can ooh and ahh over the perfectly arranged bottles and exotic cheeses…while the not so glamorous step sister white worker bee fridge..is in the scullery..doing her thing…looking after the must have staples such as the butter and cream..Most important..Just oh so dull to look at…

Or perhaps if space is an issue..you hedge your bets and choose the 1/2 glass door style with the other door solid..The mess is contained..and the basket of fruit and the mineral water is lined up perfectly and set to thrill the onlooker..I think this would be my  preferred choice..One door of pressure would be plenty!
9b4fc4a591586482e2916de9e46df511So what are your thoughts..is this look for you..is it worth the upkeep, the cleaning the arranging, the styling? Are you a future Stepford Wife or Husband? If your dog food and leftovers are exciting enough to be display…Then do it..I think I would too..


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