Mid Week Inspiration..Mama Mia.. Milano In Melbourne @ Brunetti Caffe

Brunetti_gelateria_LR-resize(To be read out loud in an Italian Accent)

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to go to the new Brunetti Caffe in Melbournes’ very own little Italy, Lygon St, Carlton. This is the one and only caffe outside Europe that I have been to where I feel like I’m in smack bang in the middle of Italy.. The fitout is amazing..authentic Italian style mixed with a contemporary vibe..Marble, Mosaics, Luxe Gold and Bronze Pendant lights and Authentic Italian waitstaff and chefs….flown in directly from Italy..a definite plus if you ask me…


The Brunetti brand is no stranger to amazing…5 other caffes worldwide including Dubai, Singapore, Swanston St, Bourke St Mall and Camberwell, and now returning to where it all began in 1974, the same exact space..but now with a multi million dollar makeover..and she’s ready for her big reveal…yes she is..


Upon walking in to this space..I swooned..the hand churned gelato, the colourful macarons, the slabs of fresh pizza, the salads, the fresh breads, the coffee, the ambience, the Italians sipping espresso at the bar, the real European Flair slaps you right on the cheeks..In a sexy cool Italian way…and leaves you wanting more..


The manager Aldo??, came straight up to me amongst a full-to-the-brim lunch crowd and offered to show me around. I think he saw my eyes wide open and my hypnotic gaze taking it all in, and may have been concerned!..He explained the menus, the spaces and zones in the restaurant, the specialty pizzas and pastas and I was delighted to be informed, that some dishes available were made with local authentic Italian produce flown in directly from the regions that they are best known for. That’s impressive.


I am excited and want to go back to Brunetti Caffe. Really excited. I want to try it all. I want to speak Italian. I want sip espresso and people watch. Most of all..I want my jeans to still fit when I leave…small price to pay..

…Ciao Bella



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