Month: May 2013

Fabulous Friday…designEx 2013…aka..The Design Experience

Today was a good day to be in the design industry…The Annual designEx exhibition held today at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre was super coolio…


Viewing the array of the latest design and decorative trends is a must do and I look forward to these exhibitions….because I know I will always find something new and exciting for our clients..

designex_2My favourite exhibitors this year …  ‘Corporate Culture’, ‘Trabeth Textiles’, Great Dane Furniture’, ‘About Space’ and ‘Splice’…to just name a few…

The fabric and wall coverings from Seneca Textiles  and Boyac were literally quite stunning. Whether its Hot Pink neon Grass Weave, Blue on Blue Feathers or Gold Snake skin Leather.. I’m really diggin’ the way our decorative vibes are heading..

photo copyAfter trawling the stands and chatting to everyone…its a well earned sip at one of the many eye catching and very tempting bars..that signals the downtime..choose from the Ketel Vodka Bar, Or the Laurent Perrier Champagne Bar even Great Dane had a fabulous space with a white cranberry vodka Aquavit teaser…way to easy to drink…Just saying..

We had a great day out of the office..and I always come out of these fairs with at least one or two new suppliers and ideas for new products for our clients…so its a win win…


Mid Week Inspiration…Rosetta You Rocked Me…

Rosetta BannerI really should go into the city to dine out more…coz when I do..I wonder why I don’t do it more often…Point in case last Saturday night…heading to Rosetta Ristorante located at Crown Towers for dinner was a very cool night out..

From the minute we walked heart started to flutter..all of my favourite materials were calling my name…the crimson velvet banquettes sitting atop the oversized Chevron Grey and White Marble flooring, the White Carrara Marble mitred wall enclaves, the Mahogany Herringbone vertical panels housing the myriad Black and White Photographs and all sitting beneath the oversized and decadent pendant lights…Old school opulence on a grand scale…

Neil Perry has really shone with his first foray into true authentic Italian cuisine. The food is not regionally specific – it covers the seaside and rural localities, and there is a subtle emphasis on fine dining over rustic peasant fare. Pasta is the draw card, and with sixteen varieties on the menu there are more than a handful of options. I chose an angel hair pasta with soft shell crab, chilli, garlic and decent squirt of squid ink..Man it was good…The wine list is an extensive collection of Italian varieties, organised by region and inclusive of a handful of Australian drops. Its a great selection to choose from and when in doubt..sip from them all…

We were seated outside..and on a cold Melbourne night I was slightly concerned…but there was no reason what-so-ever to be worried…the heated floor slabs of marble radiated enough heat to warm up the banquette seats and we were so toasty…best idea..Ever…Such a perfect place to sit and enjoy a wonderful night of feasting, sipping and lively conversation…Head to Rosetta for a full on night of Italianisms…You simply must..

…Ciao Ciao…Sx

Instant Replay..My Weekly Instagram Top 6..

Weekend Round Up..What I Wore To Work It and Beyond…


I feel like I’ve just run the entire softball pitch diamond in heels and then skidded straight into home base…..Exhausted but jubilant…What a week..again..

Monday: My office is crazy busy right now and I’m holding a gazillion meetings with clients and design reps all day every day…so I wore…the $25 Cotton On Pleather ‘squeak when I walk’ pants..Knee high Black suede Nine West Stiletto Boots..bought at the outlet in Hawaii for the bargain price of $45… (Gotta love a shoe porn bargain)..teamed with my recent Guess purchase… this seasons pale gold metallic knit and a vintage Chanel Navy and Ivory Motif scarf…Love a scarf…they are the dress up add on that never fails to impress…

Wednesday: I wanted to try my hand at a corporate look…and there is no better combo than the ‘ol black n white. I wore last seasons Black Stilt Skinny leg pants, a cream silk shirt from Country Road, A Fleur Wood black jacket , my Indian cashmere Latte and Grey scarf..a new black Patent skinny belt from Target and the House of Harlow ’70’s round black and gold peepers..bought on Sunset Blvd a few years back..

Friday Night: My brother flew in from out of town and so it was time to get the weekend on…and it was on like donkey kong…Champagne at The Smith, Moscow Mules at Saigon Sally, and tequila shots in da club 161…knowing all too well how this night would go down..I decided to channel a recent Duran Duran film clip and throw on my new Emerald green cropped fur jacket from Guess…I love this jacket..Its full midlife crisis rock star…This jacket has to be worn with the skinniest leg that you can fit in to..I wore black Witchery Lacquered jeans, Witchery snake skin stiletto, a black sheer Witchery shirt..Husk Gold and Green oversized earrings…and I added another pop of colour with my orange Ted Baker belt…Big jacket..Big fun night..Big slow day after…

Saturday Night: Time to back it up and go 2 for 2..Dinner was booked at the fabulous opulent Italian Ristorante Rosetta at Crown Towers and fabulous it was… my brother, my good friends and my man…Perfect combo…A great excuse to dress up …I chose Black Satin Palazzo Pants from Tengdahl teamed with an Ivory Zara sheer shirt, a bronze and gold diamonte necklace and Black and Clear suede Louboutins…Very Casino Royale for a night in the city…

…Is the weekend over all ready??…I need a breather …


Fabulous Friday …The Foyer…

07250fea87215770f0e5db9875eff7f7Is there anything more…’Gone With the Wind Fabulous’..than a stunning, opulent, over the top divine..drum roll…Foyer… I prefer to pronounce it…’Foy-Ay’..Much classier..No?

60db891e7d1a7efa4c79f16dc27579c9When you think of a automatically think large and grand..a welcoming space that sets a certain precedence for the remainder of the home. High ceilings, chandeliers, beautiful art work and the like. That’s certainly the old school version of the Grand Foyer and requires stature and class. I thinks thats all about to change..

f5fe512e47a86a2c04c008e1916793a1How stunning is the image above..this is not the standard Foyer look, however, the pop of  hot pink, the geometric door painted black and the mirrored velvet stool..are all elements of a contemporary entry with a hint of tradition locked in a classic chequer board floor…Mixing it up..Old n New..

160cd55fcebf311048b36efc4da4bf46More subtle, but equally as interesting..this entry foyer is layers of creamy cream and beige, usually considered safe and dull…but this works too..

The images above are my favourite…the colours, the mix of textures and the little eccentric accessories..all add up to a cool chic and uber uber Foyer..

So even if your house is not the big ol’ white mansion from Gone With Wind…you can still create some drama in your entry…whatever the scale..then twirl around, flick your hair and and be fabulous….because..frankly my dear…I don’t give a damn…


Mid Week Inspiration Gold Baby Gold…

Slightly…ok..a little more than slightly…obsessed with Gold right now. Gold jewellery, Gold sunglasses, Gold eyeshadow, Gold Fabrics, Gold Clothes….and the best Gold of all…Gold Tables..

Never before in the history of  Decorating and Design has there been such huge amounts of gold sprinkled throughout our design aesthetic…Well..never before as in..not since the ’80’s anyways…So jump on the gold nugget train..and add a gold table or two to your favourite room..

You. Will. Love. It


Instant Replay – My Instagram Top 7..

Filter: None  Chevron Navy and Emerald
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Chevron Navy and Emerald
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Fur n Wicker
Filter: Amaro Tiffany Blue Diamond Ottoman
Filter: Amaro
Tiffany Blue Diamond Ottoman
Filter: Inkwell Mirror Image Miss 10
Filter: Inkwell
Mirror Image Miss 10
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Filter: Amaro
Penne @ Brunetti
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Filter: Rise
Berry Smoothie

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Weekend Round Up..Jeans…EveryDay Easy…

IMG_0488For some reason last week..I wore Jeans Every Single Day. It wasn’t on purpose. It wasn’t a personal challenge..It was purely by accident, and I wasn’t even aware until I lined up all the potential images for this post. Wow. How did I miss that small detail every morning last week as I dressed myself. I guess in my line of work, I’m lucky that I can get away with wearing jeans everyday..whether it be to the office, client meetings, onsite and of course out and about with friends or family.. Relaxed casual or dressed up..jeans are pretty damn cool.

Monday was office I wore new Zara Dark denim extra skinny leg, (Zara jeans are such a bargain, all approx $69), a new Zara cream silk look shirt, Witchery Pumps, and new Black, Gold and silver round drop earrings from Lovissa. Denim jeans and a cream shirt is a classic Sloane-esqe look which will never date.

Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday – were also jeans days..

Thursday was a busy day at work and then a crazy Burlesque night out with I wore Black Coated skinny jeans from Witchery, Black suede Pointed Ankle Boots with Gold trim, also from Witchery..(I’m a lazy shopper), Black Zipper Singlet from Country Road, Fleur Wood Classic Black cropped Tux Jacket, and the feature bling were the Husk emerald green and gold drop earrings. Hair in weird sci-fi pony tail and I was ready to flick a riding crop at complete strangers… you girls in the know, know what I mean….

Saturday was children’s sport, sport and more sport…so I wore Zara skinny blue Zipper jeans, Michael Kors Navy blue cable knit poncho with big gold Paddington Bear buttons, Taupe Betts Boots, and a bad hair day always requires a hat of my Forever New chocolate wool peaked cap from last winter, did the trick.

Sunday was Miss 10 netball tournament sport I wore the same Zara jeans, the same style Michael Kors poncho, but in charcoal, (I warned you that I’m a lazy shopper!)..a cashmere scarf from India, but the cool, ‘I may be older but still young at heart edge’..were the pop of poppy neon pink from the Nike kicks..I have never, I repeat never, worn runners with jeans until Sunday..and I’m a now a believer…I may even wear runners to work this week…..(she says, totally tongue in cheek..she thinks..maybe..)


Fabulous Friday..Burlesque Cabaret?..Or Freaky Fetish? one of the best parts about going to a Burlesque not only watching the performers perform..but actually watching the audience members and their reactions to the performers performing. Last night one of my close friends celebrated her birthday at he Bohemia Club in Coventry St,Sth Melbourne.

This underground club is a rare treat into sexual exploration mixed in with some cabaret songs..and whips…It pays homage to sexuality, erotica and fetish. The Black family, headed up up Jasper Black, and his submissive Bella, lead the night into a fantasy journey..

It was a really funny and entertaining night..all be it a little confronting at times..Certain acts do push the boundaries beyond whats politically correct at times ..and this does make one squirm..and not in a good way..especially when they tell you the rules of the club and you have a safe word ‘Grape’.. if things get all too much..Grape..Grape..Grape!!

The actors all stayed in character all night, which once again, to the burlesque novice that I am, makes me wonder whether in fact they are actually actors just playing the role of a submissive, or dominetrix, or bisexual priest?? (yep..not a typo) or talented people that take their work home with them..

The drinks flowed, the food was great, and our ‘housewives party of  20’ all wore masquerades and had a was a night out of the to speak and one I certainly wont forget soon..Dita Von Teese it wasn’t..but risqué and entertaining it was…


Mid Week Inspiration..Glass Refrigerators…Super Chic..or Super Stepford.. those that know me will agree that my day to day non OCD traits would be not be conducive to glass doors on my refrigerator..I would’t cave to pressure to make it look it would end up looking like a red hot mess..and thus the aim of the glass door fantasticalness would be would be talking point for all the wrong reasons.
c6c8b80efe444280dd8d2a5bae9783a5But deep down, I still want one.. minus the OCD pressure ‘n all…
I think that the removal of solid doors and the replacement of clear glass would be a spectacular feature in most kitchens…(disclaimer..Most..) Perfect if you live in a very upmarket penthouse apartment, you don’t yet have small children, you never cook at home, actually…you never really are ever at home… but your fridge is just full of French Champs and Perrier..Now that would look pretty cool…

Another … perhaps more practical way of living the to have the ‘Cinderella’ glass refrigerator in the main part of the kitchen..all dressed up and looking pretty….Guests can ooh and ahh over the perfectly arranged bottles and exotic cheeses…while the not so glamorous step sister white worker bee in the scullery..doing her thing…looking after the must have staples such as the butter and cream..Most important..Just oh so dull to look at…

Or perhaps if space is an hedge your bets and choose the 1/2 glass door style with the other door solid..The mess is contained..and the basket of fruit and the mineral water is lined up perfectly and set to thrill the onlooker..I think this would be my  preferred choice..One door of pressure would be plenty!
9b4fc4a591586482e2916de9e46df511So what are your this look for it worth the upkeep, the cleaning the arranging, the styling? Are you a future Stepford Wife or Husband? If your dog food and leftovers are exciting enough to be display…Then do it..I think I would too..