Fabulous Friday..Getting my Fitness On..At Home.

806aa8c36abb7042fa54a8e49f8a9c3fSo, with the weather starting to turn a little cooler..inspiration to work out requires a little more effort. If you are like me..you need sunshine, a beach, a trainer, a friend, a strong latte..and no excuses..and sometimes, the balls do not all line up. So dragging myself to the gym before or after work..doesn’t always go to plan. The back up plan?..Home Gym… Nothing better than working out anytime day or night..without even having to brush your hair or put on lippy!


In my line of work..I have been lucky enough to design both full commercial fitness centres and stay at home gyms for my clients. The common goal in both environments, is to create a space that is both functional and inspiring.

e9e68dd265228a9baaece681d3dd942eThe size of the space isn’t usually an issue. Its the ambience and equipment that can make or break your home gym. Decide what the goal is, whether is weights, cardio, relaxation..or all 3.

47656b912d63c4e8ef72b60afeafc4f2Personally, all I need a running machine, some light weights and a big screen with loud music. Sounds simple enough. But if you have a huge room to design..go all out and install your very own basket ball court…

06adc2ba6836e266e902878c194440b5Whatever you choose..there are no excuses not to work out. Rain, hail or shine…you can break a sweat..all in the comfort of your own home. Even the master ensuite can double as your work out room.

9f7582ea46a061d11a4e2648d66ee2f0Are you convinced? Time to drag out the yoga mat, the leg warmers and get your fitness on…You’ll be pleased that you did.


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