Mid Week Inspiration…Black and White Floors, Floor Me.. Forever

cf89dcd1a84f72e25ed266f26895587eI will try to explain how the combination of how a black and white floor affects me…my heart speeds up ever so slightly..I lean into the magazine or computer to get up close and personal…I imagine my house, office or my clients homes..all with black and white floors..I swoon..It is a signature style that I adore.

2143134af2edc262e4e4ca8a9eeb124cKate Spade, one of the worlds famous fashion and lifestyle designers..has her store concepted with this dramatic black and white striped floor. It sings.

18775195a268f4d05f1373a999f2a49fThis geometric black and white floor is paired with a savvy teal wall, dark timber credenza and the pair of racing green feature lamps..a traditional look mixed with a pop of contemporary always works…

d3f55ce93e270dc5dc790538b6c969c2Hexagon is no stranger to the black and white family either..the shapes entwined are stunning and this creates a base like no other..this is my favourite..

b925002741d3790caa7fac56eadc6fdfBlack and white doesn’t have to be living large to create drama..this small pattern teamed with carrara marble may be tiny in size but huge in impact.

f6e81315f4b91fe0b158a8662cd13450Angular gloss tiles sit proud against this masculine dark timber panelling along this hallway and the effect is paramount..

0eb26a5f29e26a143668374b474db4bcClassic black and white chequer board, black and white staircase, wall panels and a feature light..all adds up to perfection for me..


My favourite combo of all time rocking it out..chevron ebony and ivory style…Divine..


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