Mid Week Inspiration…My Birthday Gratitude…

Mid Week Inspiration…My Birthday Gratitude…


It was my 45th birthday yesterday..and it felt good. I am so content, satisfied and truly happy on this special day. I love birthdays..it’s the day to celebrate your life with friends, family and loved ones.

2bd2628347c2c678093cfcc59677d56fThis year my children pulled out the big guns..a divine pressie trail upon waking, lead me to the Piece de Resistance ..a huge photoboard with images of my loved ones and myself over the years and the number 45 randomly placed throughout. It was the best. My youngest was super proud as she had instigated and roped in the older 2, to orchestrate the whole event..and she was beaming. Priceless.


The pressies were bang on too, by the way. Love a little cocktail ring…LV style.

JR6_largeMy mum was spot on in the gifting department as usual..the bracelet by Nicole Fendel..is adorable. Love.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 9.49.14 PM

Dinner celebrations topped off a perfect day of hanging with the kids and just enjoying my day. A Family dinner at France-Soir on Toorak Rd, Sth Yarra…is an old school French Restaurant that ticks all the boxes..Impeccable menu and wait staff is the key to its longevity.

bd0bb25d381b6045da260643eb29e42cI loved my birthday this year…It was full of love and life and all things good. It was perfect and I appreciate all that I am lucky enough to have to fill it up with joy..It also reminded me I need to take time, slow down, enjoy the moment and breathe.

254626f7e8479dcd5c74573f61329df7Mid forties..you snuck up on me, but I’m ready ….Bring It….


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