Weekend Round Up..What I Wore..Sassy Bide…

photoI’ve realised I wear my clothes in cycles..do you?..Last week I unintentionally went for a gold vibe..This week, I’ve pulled from the closet a Sass and Bide themed fashion fest.

Tuesday: I had to juggle work, a school excursion for my youngest, and a school cafe open day visit for my middle.. I chose the Zara Zip jeans, Country Road Zipper top, and my silk and linen embellished Sass and Bide Jacket. Its full bling, with sequins, crystals and a blend of silver, navy and the still on trend, neon yellow. Its a great jacket, but it super delicate and the jewels rub the silk and tend to shred it..Thats the down side..The up side..I still love it and wear it, shreds n all.

Wednesday AM: Busy, crazy day and I had to choose an outfit to go from daytime wear to night time wear..I chose the Cue Black n White baggy, swagger pants. Middle aged gangsta. Keeping it simple with a Calvin Klein classic white T, to show off the wow jewellery piece, the Sass n Bide White Camellia throat candy. It’s a recent splurge, and its a multi use piece..(helps to justify to $$..just) It comes in 3 sections; a black velvet ribbon, a spiky silver chain and of course the white camellia with the sequin leaves. I chose to wear it long on the velvet option. Day time shades; Gold Mirror Persols.

Wednesday PM: As we were heading out with friends to the opening night of the Melbourne Comedy Gala Festival, I needed a jacket for the evening chill and to dress it up a little.. my new Witchery rose gold bomber jacket was the perfect choice. Its a soft colour, flattering for the 12 hour makeup wearing ever so slightly off…This jacket is a winner…It took some convincing for me to grab it from the rack, as it’s a little Pinky Tuscadero from Happy Days, some of you will totally know who I’m referring to, and the younger followers…Google it!  But the rose colour is fab, and I’m convinced its my new go to jacket for the Autumn weather..until my eldest daughter hides it in her wardrobe! Then I guess I will have  no choice but to turn all Pinky T and challenge her to a rumble..


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