Weekend Round Up What I Wore Gold Style..

Weekend Round Up What I Wore Gold Style..

photoThis weeks fashion had a theme..and it was all super Gold and Shiny. It was an accidental theme…But when I looked back over the selfie snaps… it hit me like a 24ct gold bullion bar upside the head!  All that glitters really is Gold.

Monday: Off to the office and running late with the 3 kid drop-off routine, requires a sensible choice for the tootsies..So I borrowed my daughters Black Havianas with the Gold lettering. Running late just got easy. The Stilt Black Skinny Leg pants with the summer option; 1 cuff rollup, keeps it casual. I love the Gold Cachel shirt. It was a recent O/S purchase. It’s a sheer, light matt Gold silk with an epaulet sleeve. The hit..which could easily have been a miss, is the string waist tie with the square Gold blocks. Keep it loose and unstructured and then it’s quite forgiving around the waist. My new Gold and bronzed mirrored shades from Persol are an early birthday pressie from my gorgeous Mama. Tick that gift as perfect ! And, you’ve seen it before, but the Michael Kors Beige and Gold studded carry all, is just big enough to jam it full of the daily must haves…

Friday: Feeling flirty on Friday requires a Gold Sequin Disc jacket..It does..really..Thank you Thurley for making one. Because it is a work day and I don’t want to frighten away too many potential clients with my disco ball taste…I needed to pare back the bling. Faded Mavi Blue Jeans, and the White Zara T shirt, dumbs down the shine. Plus, it gives my tradies a bit of a giggle when I walk onsite, so if they are happy, they work faster.. 🙂

Saturday: My dear friend was celebrating her birthday at a very cool, established Melbourne Beachside Restaurant, The StokeHouse. Upstairs. Those in the know, know the second level is the place to dine. As it was F1 Grand Prix weekend, and my girlfriends special day..Its a no brainer that you gotta bring your A Game tonight in the fashion department. Pulling out the brand new black Tuxedo Pant with the Gold embellished chain detail was the hero..Sass and Bide sure do know how to pull a show stopper. Love these pants. I added a Forever 21 Black crossover wrap top..Minimum jewels are required with this outfit, so a pair of drop Black an Gold earrings, Nude Louboutins and a chunky Black and Gold clutch from Ivanka Trumps collection..and I’m Saturday night ready to sip on a Moscow Mule and fine dine in style…A beautiful night with wonderful company and I was honoured to be part of it….It was pure Gold..


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