Mid Week Inspiration..Ralph Lauren and His Runway Style Homes…

Mid Week Inspiration..Ralph Lauren and His Runway Style Homes…


What do you think of when you hear the name ‘Ralph Lauren’? Style, Class and Understated Glamour..The Ralph Lauren brand is iconic. Full stop. Fashion. Home-wares. Furniture. Linen. Fragrance. He has singlehandedly created the ultimate luxury lifestyle brand. The designer himself , owns 5 properties, all with his distinctive signature Lauren touch. He and his wife Ricky have raised their 3 children in a variety of amazing spaces, including, a Jamaican Villa, (his first house), an apartment in Manhattan, (recently renovated 30 years after buying it), a 17000 acre ranch in Colorado, (complete with onsite tee-pees), a beach house in Montauk, (1 hour drive out of Manhattan), and a mansion retreat in Bedford NY, (described as a true gentlemen’s retreat). They are all uniquely wonderful. Lets take a look at where the Lauren family kicks it..


5th Avenue style for the Manhattan Apartment, recently renovated to be more loft like. Open spaces and minimal, but in a good way. With a palette of classic black and white. Lauren said he was motivated by the “simple, almost primitive desire for clean, open space.” Overlooking Central Park, it is a dreamy haven from the chaos NYC has to offer.


A 30 mile teak fence runs along side the highway and is the perimeter of the Double RL Ranch, Telluride, in Colorado. Situated overlooking the Rocky Mountains with their snow capped peaks stands proud the Lauren family ranch. The look of these homestead is pure RL..to a tee..A tee pee in fact. On the sprawling property there are 5 hand painted tee pees. With a full Navaho influence. Inside each space is a bed and sofa, writing desk, vintage flags and blankets and RL vignettes so amazing that even Oprah was speechless. The attention to detail is breathtaking. A sun kissed streams winds its away through the property and is overlooked by the saloon and porch where the family hangs out.




The Laurens bought their first house on Jamaica—High Rock is its name—well over 20 years ago. Set on the highest point of the Round Hill resort, which consists of a small hotel and 29 villas on a peninsula. At one point it had been a wonderful house,” says Lauren, “but it had become dark, dreary and closed up, something out of yesterday. It wasn’t sunny or joyous. The beautiful mahogany shutters had been painted battleship gray, and the hardware was nonexistent. The house looked like a hospital. We set out to bring it back to what we thought it should be. We put moldings on the walls, and we gave it a definition and an elegance it might once have had—or never had. We put the flavor into it.” And flavour it they did….I love the colour palette of green, cream and tan. The high ceilings with the indoor palm trees, the bamboo walls and sea grass mats. True Ralph Lauren Style at its best..again.

In a recent interview with Oprah, Ralph said he wanted to be everything when he grew up. A dancer, an actor, designer..even Batman! He seems to have achieved all of that and more..A total iconic lifestyle brand..Heres to you Ralph Lauren..


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