Weekend Round Up..What I Wore Hot Autumn Days…

Weekend Round Up..What I Wore Hot Autumn Days…


I am so loving this unseasonably hot Autumn we are breezing through. Its such a perfect combo of hot sultry days and those perfect nights of evening swims and and cool crisp sheets…But of course with this extended heat wave, comes the minor fashion dilemma of rapidly running out of summer clothing..

Tuesday: This week I pulled out last winters Sportsgirl 2 tone pencil skirt. The inky blue main mixed with black base band trim, keeps the skirt from being too black on a hot day… and a tight pencil skirt and heat combo can only replicate a day spa plastic wrap treatment..So hopefully the thighs melt away whilst looking chic! I’ll let you know how that worked out! Topped with the Michael Kors Gold Choker Tee, French Striped wedges from Nova and my favourite new Rose Gold Bracelet from Hawaii..and its off to my back to back client meetings..

Friday: After a super busy work week, I couldn’t do the heels today. So I cheated. My new Nine West Rose Gold (again with the rose gold) Hi Top kicks, have a built in wedge. Sneaky. Im single handedly cheering the old  ’90s style and bringing it to the suburbs..However, 2 out of my 3 daughters cringed at my choice of shoe..but my eldest said..’you know what..only you an get away with that look’..I took that backhanded compliment and moonwalked all the way the car!

Sunday: Today is a must do shopping afternoon. I headed straight to Zara and picked up some classics..black and white T shirts..Then made the big maistake of ‘popping’ into Sass and Bide..just to take a peek. Big Mistake. Huge. I only wanted a necklace, but somehow ended up trying on the black wool cigarette pant with the gold embellished trim..adore… and just to see how a jacket worked with the pant, I slipped on the cream and navy sassy wool tuxedo jacket with waistcoat..well!..I loved it. The sales girl said I look trim…So Bam..Sold. Note to sales girls..trim is the new word for guaranteed commissions ..

So leaving the store with a shoppers high..and a slightly sick feeling.. I went straight to the car..straight home..and straight online..’Feeding your family on a Budget..7 wonderful recipes for mince and leftovers..’..Hmmm.. Sorry kids..


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