Missoni Must Haves..Friday Frenzy Favourite…

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 5.30.48 PMYou’d have to have been living under a rock for ever..to not be aware of the fabulous Missoni Brand..Its a Fashion House, a Homewares phenomenon, and a Furniture and Fabric Fashion statement for the decor savvy. Originally a sportswear manufacturer, Missoni expanded its line of knits, which are highlighted by their colorful waves, stripes and zigzag patterns, and caught the attention of Italian Vogue’s Anna Piaggi and American Vogue’s Diana Vreeland in 1967, thus attracting international acclaim. Angela Missoni took over designing for Missoni from her mother in 1997 and, according to The Online Home of Vogue, expanded the line, creating M for Missoni as well as a footwear line. Rosita Missoni continues to oversee Missoni Home for the label.
I adore the Missoni look..So far I have a citrus and golden Missoni scarf..which I love..and a single Missoni Hand towel..which is my showoff look at my spin class…But I want more..More Missoni! The zig, the zag, the punch, the pop..its a designers dream.

There are many ways to add the Missoni look to your home. Cushions, Ottomans, Fabrics, Sofas, Teacups, Trays..it just goes on and on..Its a statement look not for the fainthearted.

Bold. Passionate. Fashionable. Now Missoni Have launched a chain of Boutique Hotels around the world. You take full advantage of the unique concept Hotel M style in Paris, Kuwait, Edinburgh and Mauritius.

So, run and jump into the Missoni look head on….Anyway you can manage it…Just be aware..you may hear whispers…friends may not return calls…But it will be so worth it!….


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