Weekend Round Up..What I Wore after Waikiki…

IMG_1954 Ok…this post may hit your mailbox a little later than usual..I’m going to blame it on the jet lag, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it… I have to hit the ground running once back from the vacay..to justify the break..so straight back to the office..back to work a little foggy but still buzzing from my great week in Hawaii.                                                                                                  Michael Kors purchases are still the big winner in the US sale department. So I tackled the full inbox and client meetings in my new Michael Kors cutout knit, Stilt skinny white jeans and the Fur vest from the last trip. My new Persol gold shades, hid the sleepy peepers and it was back to the grind.

Saturday was a fun day, a friends wedding; so I threw together a couple of new pieces with some old favourites. Going against tradition and wearing black; A Forever 21 black silky blouse, teamed with a Sportsgirl black pencil skirt, Chanel Gold Fob chain and the gold Persols. The black Senso and perspex heels added a much talked about hit..was that tequila in my heels??

Sunday was quiet catchup day with washing and kids, and the unpacking that seems to just take forever..so the Mavi skinny leg jeans were found in the back of my wardrobe, teamed with a classic Calvin Klein white T and my new white and gold studded Nine West kicks. Easy breezy back and to the real world…


4 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up..What I Wore after Waikiki…

  1. Hi Serena, Just catching up on your life of the rich and famous!!! Wow I’m now really jealous, but, really enjoying your blog… I can’t believe it’s been 9 years since our Reno and your help… Nearly time to start again…look forward to catching up soon Jo Casey 🙂 x

    1. Hi Jo
      Thankyou for the lovely comments
      Life of a new blogger is great!!
      Yes.. It’s been ages .. Buy a mansion for me to redesign
      .. Ill need another holiday soon 🙂
      See u soon xx

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