Month: March 2013

Weekend Round Up..What I wore Easter week…

photoI’ve had a fashion week of extremities..a bunch of different outfits to suit a bunch of different activities ..Here’s how it went down..

Wednesday: An early breakfast work meeting saw me out the door earlier than usual..the kids were unimpressed with the crazier than normal morning rush to school..So I chose quickly and off we went. Stilt Super Skinny white jeans; throw in a cuff roll to compliment the Senso strappy kicks with the perspex heel, and a black wardrobe must have – the boob tube, plus my linen Witchery Blazer. The accessory de jour..Chanel Gold chunky old favourite..perfect match for another fave..scrambled eggs on rye…

Thursday: A full day of meetings, due to the short week. Stilt Black Super Skinny jeans..have you noticed a theme?? A black tank and my new season Ikat Jacket from Decjuba..and the pop of colour was the citrus resin necklace..last years purchase from a friends jewellery range..Easy Breezy..

Good Friday: A family drive to the country to check out a friends new farm; aka Glamping, requires an outfit to suit. Sportsgirl Khaki Cargo’s, A white Zara Tee, a super snuggly baby goat chin hair..I kid you pun intended, beige and grey scarf from India and the must have bad hair day saver..big straw Fedora. Gold studded Michael Kors sneakers and I’m ready to ride the quad bike like a country gal…Yee Hah…

Saturday: From one small tent on a massive open space, to a huge tent in a carpark in the city..It was a night out with Mr OML and the kids at Cirque Du Solei..Ovo.Brilliant. A must see treat. Forever New Black satin harem pants, Michael Kors black tee with Gold Choker detail, black tuxedo jacket from Fleur Wood and my wheels; Christian Louboutin Black and Clear strappy points..It was an all black ensemble…Very Melbourne Black Under that Big Top..

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Break as much as I did.. now..where are my drawstring trackie pants..I need a chocolate feast..


TGIF…Its time to get my ‘Glamping’ on…

32fa8b341d4102fc8a30fc439ac62896The Easter long weekend is here..Woop Woop…Love the the time out of the crazy day to spending time with my loved ones..oh, and did I mention..Love the break!  How are you spending this weekend…One way is to hit the open road and go Glamping…We are heading out of town for a mini break, to a friends farm..with no house, no toilet facilities, no electricity, no running water…no kidding!!..just miles and miles of open land..and cows..Its a new the house hasn’t been built yet..So this gal is going hard core  100% Glamping! Is my rose gold bomber jacket going give me up as a city girl..hmmmm…Here are some images of other glampers glamorous camping sites..


Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 10.14.27 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 10.15.37 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 10.15.12 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 10.19.00 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 10.16.05 PM

Now…where is my cowboy hat….??

Happy Easter Everyone x


Mid Week Easter Inspiration…When Eggs aren’t just for Easter…

Mid Week Easter Inspiration…When Eggs aren’t just for Easter…

Easter Inspiration is everywhere right now…But why restrict the Easter fun to just a chocolate egg overload…these treats are guaranteed not to stick for a lifetime on your hips.. Enjoy my favourite non chocolate egg inspired selection…

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.30.29 PMSuper sexy Chic Egg Chair…

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.39.23 PMPainted Navaho Eggs..

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.28.17 PMString Mood Egg Lights…

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.31.59 PMSink into this Bubbly Egg Bath..

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.31.31 PMLight me up with an Egg Fire..

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.24.00 PMBeautiful Faberge Egg…

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.29.46 PMSnuggle with your lover in the Egg Bed…And nibble on some chocolate eggs.. It is Easter after all…


Weekend Round Up..What I Wore..Sassy Bide…

photoI’ve realised I wear my clothes in you?..Last week I unintentionally went for a gold vibe..This week, I’ve pulled from the closet a Sass and Bide themed fashion fest.

Tuesday: I had to juggle work, a school excursion for my youngest, and a school cafe open day visit for my middle.. I chose the Zara Zip jeans, Country Road Zipper top, and my silk and linen embellished Sass and Bide Jacket. Its full bling, with sequins, crystals and a blend of silver, navy and the still on trend, neon yellow. Its a great jacket, but it super delicate and the jewels rub the silk and tend to shred it..Thats the down side..The up side..I still love it and wear it, shreds n all.

Wednesday AM: Busy, crazy day and I had to choose an outfit to go from daytime wear to night time wear..I chose the Cue Black n White baggy, swagger pants. Middle aged gangsta. Keeping it simple with a Calvin Klein classic white T, to show off the wow jewellery piece, the Sass n Bide White Camellia throat candy. It’s a recent splurge, and its a multi use piece..(helps to justify to $$..just) It comes in 3 sections; a black velvet ribbon, a spiky silver chain and of course the white camellia with the sequin leaves. I chose to wear it long on the velvet option. Day time shades; Gold Mirror Persols.

Wednesday PM: As we were heading out with friends to the opening night of the Melbourne Comedy Gala Festival, I needed a jacket for the evening chill and to dress it up a little.. my new Witchery rose gold bomber jacket was the perfect choice. Its a soft colour, flattering for the 12 hour makeup wearing ever so slightly off…This jacket is a winner…It took some convincing for me to grab it from the rack, as it’s a little Pinky Tuscadero from Happy Days, some of you will totally know who I’m referring to, and the younger followers…Google it!  But the rose colour is fab, and I’m convinced its my new go to jacket for the Autumn weather..until my eldest daughter hides it in her wardrobe! Then I guess I will have  no choice but to turn all Pinky T and challenge her to a rumble..


Fabulous Friday…We Love You Hermes….

Fabulous Friday…We Love You Hermes….

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 9.20.59 PMBonjour Hermes…

With the weather taking a major turn this’s time to pull out the cosy throw for the sofa, the chaise and the bed..Bunkering down has never been so glamorous..

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 9.19.01 PMClassic meets classic..Soft Hermes draped ever so casually over the timeless Eames Chair

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 9.21.10 PMI wouldn’t get out of this bed for less than $10, 000…the Hermes blanket is super chic..

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 9.20.46 PMA reading accent is perfect..

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 9.21.22 PMAn eclectic mix of colours and textures..and the Hermes Blanket still rocks it!

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 9.21.47 PMMoody timber walls and ceiling equals a masculine room and the pop of orange Hermes keeps it cosy..

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 9.21.37 PMAnywhere, anytime the classic Hermes is iconic and all style. The Birkin of the blanket world you may say…

..Merci Hermes…J’Adore


Weekend Round Up What I Wore Gold Style..

Weekend Round Up What I Wore Gold Style..

photoThis weeks fashion had a theme..and it was all super Gold and Shiny. It was an accidental theme…But when I looked back over the selfie snaps… it hit me like a 24ct gold bullion bar upside the head!  All that glitters really is Gold.

Monday: Off to the office and running late with the 3 kid drop-off routine, requires a sensible choice for the tootsies..So I borrowed my daughters Black Havianas with the Gold lettering. Running late just got easy. The Stilt Black Skinny Leg pants with the summer option; 1 cuff rollup, keeps it casual. I love the Gold Cachel shirt. It was a recent O/S purchase. It’s a sheer, light matt Gold silk with an epaulet sleeve. The hit..which could easily have been a miss, is the string waist tie with the square Gold blocks. Keep it loose and unstructured and then it’s quite forgiving around the waist. My new Gold and bronzed mirrored shades from Persol are an early birthday pressie from my gorgeous Mama. Tick that gift as perfect ! And, you’ve seen it before, but the Michael Kors Beige and Gold studded carry all, is just big enough to jam it full of the daily must haves…

Friday: Feeling flirty on Friday requires a Gold Sequin Disc jacket..It does..really..Thank you Thurley for making one. Because it is a work day and I don’t want to frighten away too many potential clients with my disco ball taste…I needed to pare back the bling. Faded Mavi Blue Jeans, and the White Zara T shirt, dumbs down the shine. Plus, it gives my tradies a bit of a giggle when I walk onsite, so if they are happy, they work faster.. 🙂

Saturday: My dear friend was celebrating her birthday at a very cool, established Melbourne Beachside Restaurant, The StokeHouse. Upstairs. Those in the know, know the second level is the place to dine. As it was F1 Grand Prix weekend, and my girlfriends special day..Its a no brainer that you gotta bring your A Game tonight in the fashion department. Pulling out the brand new black Tuxedo Pant with the Gold embellished chain detail was the hero..Sass and Bide sure do know how to pull a show stopper. Love these pants. I added a Forever 21 Black crossover wrap top..Minimum jewels are required with this outfit, so a pair of drop Black an Gold earrings, Nude Louboutins and a chunky Black and Gold clutch from Ivanka Trumps collection..and I’m Saturday night ready to sip on a Moscow Mule and fine dine in style…A beautiful night with wonderful company and I was honoured to be part of it….It was pure Gold..


Melbourne Eats n Drinks..Saigon Style on a Sunday…


Melbourne Food and Wine Festival  2013….

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited to join in on the Footscray Food Traders second annual Rickshaw Run…What a fabulous day! Melbourne turned on a scorcher of a day, so in the heat, in a rickshaw, it really felt like we were smack bang in the middle of Saigon.



The first sample of this 5 course culinary feast today, was seafood shucked live from the tank at D&K Live. Fresh Oysters with lemon. You don’t get it any better than this. A chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc and this was the perfect start. Then it was time to jump into our Rickshaws and high tail it to the first stop.


Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 9.39.14 PM

Little Saigon, is an indoor market that bursts with colour, smells, tasty unknown foods and life.  Stalls and stalls of fresh produce, with the standout for me being the smell of the Asian Herbs..the smell was intoxicating! And I think I singlehandedly smelt every single herb in that joint. Then there’s the bidding wars between the stallholders as we wandered taking it all in. I definitely plan a return visit with a huge shopping cart…

Rice Paper Rolls…


The Rickshaws took off and we were headed straight to the second course and a lesson in Vietnamese Cuisine. A lesson in Making Rice Paper Rolls;  fresh prawns, tender pork, chilli, mint, noodles all rolled up into one hot and tasty delight. So fresh. so clean. A tart glass of Rose’ to cleanse my palate and I’m a happy faux Vietnamese chef…

Hawker Food…


The biggest surprise of the day was being parked on a corner in front of 3 Asian Women beating and banging on traditional drums. What a treat. These girls were rocking it. A shoulder massage, a mini shot of sugarcane juice and the most delicate and tasty morsel of the day..beef in vine leaves..Hawker style. Divine.

Bun Cha Hanoi…


More wine, more laughs and more rickshaw riding..and we arrive at Sapa Hills restaurant. Grilled pork, noodles, fresh salad with a spicy dipping sauce..a North Vietnamese speciality. Adore.

Spring Rolls…


The final meal on this whistle stop tour is a run to Dong Que for traditional spring rolls. Made with rice paper. So easy to eat. Deep fried and crispy, then wrapped in fresh lettuce outweigh the guilt of the fry up..and I could have eaten the spring rolls all day. Every day. Ok..a little more wine as well..

This was a day to be remembered.  Its a must do. So get in early next year, as 2013 was totally booked out way in advance. The cost ranges from $69 – $75..and it is worth every penny.



(some images used in this post were from the footscray food blog)

Mid Week Inspiration..Ralph Lauren and His Runway Style Homes…

Mid Week Inspiration..Ralph Lauren and His Runway Style Homes…


What do you think of when you hear the name ‘Ralph Lauren’? Style, Class and Understated Glamour..The Ralph Lauren brand is iconic. Full stop. Fashion. Home-wares. Furniture. Linen. Fragrance. He has singlehandedly created the ultimate luxury lifestyle brand. The designer himself , owns 5 properties, all with his distinctive signature Lauren touch. He and his wife Ricky have raised their 3 children in a variety of amazing spaces, including, a Jamaican Villa, (his first house), an apartment in Manhattan, (recently renovated 30 years after buying it), a 17000 acre ranch in Colorado, (complete with onsite tee-pees), a beach house in Montauk, (1 hour drive out of Manhattan), and a mansion retreat in Bedford NY, (described as a true gentlemen’s retreat). They are all uniquely wonderful. Lets take a look at where the Lauren family kicks it..


5th Avenue style for the Manhattan Apartment, recently renovated to be more loft like. Open spaces and minimal, but in a good way. With a palette of classic black and white. Lauren said he was motivated by the “simple, almost primitive desire for clean, open space.” Overlooking Central Park, it is a dreamy haven from the chaos NYC has to offer.


A 30 mile teak fence runs along side the highway and is the perimeter of the Double RL Ranch, Telluride, in Colorado. Situated overlooking the Rocky Mountains with their snow capped peaks stands proud the Lauren family ranch. The look of these homestead is pure a tee..A tee pee in fact. On the sprawling property there are 5 hand painted tee pees. With a full Navaho influence. Inside each space is a bed and sofa, writing desk, vintage flags and blankets and RL vignettes so amazing that even Oprah was speechless. The attention to detail is breathtaking. A sun kissed streams winds its away through the property and is overlooked by the saloon and porch where the family hangs out.




The Laurens bought their first house on Jamaica—High Rock is its name—well over 20 years ago. Set on the highest point of the Round Hill resort, which consists of a small hotel and 29 villas on a peninsula. At one point it had been a wonderful house,” says Lauren, “but it had become dark, dreary and closed up, something out of yesterday. It wasn’t sunny or joyous. The beautiful mahogany shutters had been painted battleship gray, and the hardware was nonexistent. The house looked like a hospital. We set out to bring it back to what we thought it should be. We put moldings on the walls, and we gave it a definition and an elegance it might once have had—or never had. We put the flavor into it.” And flavour it they did….I love the colour palette of green, cream and tan. The high ceilings with the indoor palm trees, the bamboo walls and sea grass mats. True Ralph Lauren Style at its best..again.

In a recent interview with Oprah, Ralph said he wanted to be everything when he grew up. A dancer, an actor, designer..even Batman! He seems to have achieved all of that and more..A total iconic lifestyle brand..Heres to you Ralph Lauren..


Weekend Round Up..What I Wore Hot Autumn Days…

Weekend Round Up..What I Wore Hot Autumn Days…


I am so loving this unseasonably hot Autumn we are breezing through. Its such a perfect combo of hot sultry days and those perfect nights of evening swims and and cool crisp sheets…But of course with this extended heat wave, comes the minor fashion dilemma of rapidly running out of summer clothing..

Tuesday: This week I pulled out last winters Sportsgirl 2 tone pencil skirt. The inky blue main mixed with black base band trim, keeps the skirt from being too black on a hot day… and a tight pencil skirt and heat combo can only replicate a day spa plastic wrap treatment..So hopefully the thighs melt away whilst looking chic! I’ll let you know how that worked out! Topped with the Michael Kors Gold Choker Tee, French Striped wedges from Nova and my favourite new Rose Gold Bracelet from Hawaii..and its off to my back to back client meetings..

Friday: After a super busy work week, I couldn’t do the heels today. So I cheated. My new Nine West Rose Gold (again with the rose gold) Hi Top kicks, have a built in wedge. Sneaky. Im single handedly cheering the old  ’90s style and bringing it to the suburbs..However, 2 out of my 3 daughters cringed at my choice of shoe..but my eldest said..’you know what..only you an get away with that look’..I took that backhanded compliment and moonwalked all the way the car!

Sunday: Today is a must do shopping afternoon. I headed straight to Zara and picked up some and white T shirts..Then made the big maistake of ‘popping’ into Sass and Bide..just to take a peek. Big Mistake. Huge. I only wanted a necklace, but somehow ended up trying on the black wool cigarette pant with the gold embellished trim..adore… and just to see how a jacket worked with the pant, I slipped on the cream and navy sassy wool tuxedo jacket with waistcoat..well!..I loved it. The sales girl said I look trim…So Bam..Sold. Note to sales girls..trim is the new word for guaranteed commissions ..

So leaving the store with a shoppers high..and a slightly sick feeling.. I went straight to the car..straight home..and straight online..’Feeding your family on a Budget..7 wonderful recipes for mince and leftovers..’..Hmmm.. Sorry kids..


Missoni Must Haves..Friday Frenzy Favourite…

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 5.30.48 PMYou’d have to have been living under a rock for not be aware of the fabulous Missoni Brand..Its a Fashion House, a Homewares phenomenon, and a Furniture and Fabric Fashion statement for the decor savvy. Originally a sportswear manufacturer, Missoni expanded its line of knits, which are highlighted by their colorful waves, stripes and zigzag patterns, and caught the attention of Italian Vogue’s Anna Piaggi and American Vogue’s Diana Vreeland in 1967, thus attracting international acclaim. Angela Missoni took over designing for Missoni from her mother in 1997 and, according to The Online Home of Vogue, expanded the line, creating M for Missoni as well as a footwear line. Rosita Missoni continues to oversee Missoni Home for the label.
I adore the Missoni look..So far I have a citrus and golden Missoni scarf..which I love..and a single Missoni Hand towel..which is my showoff look at my spin class…But I want more..More Missoni! The zig, the zag, the punch, the pop..its a designers dream.

There are many ways to add the Missoni look to your home. Cushions, Ottomans, Fabrics, Sofas, Teacups, just goes on and on..Its a statement look not for the fainthearted.

Bold. Passionate. Fashionable. Now Missoni Have launched a chain of Boutique Hotels around the world. You take full advantage of the unique concept Hotel M style in Paris, Kuwait, Edinburgh and Mauritius.

So, run and jump into the Missoni look head on….Anyway you can manage it…Just be may hear whispers…friends may not return calls…But it will be so worth it!….