Hawaii Eat n Drinks Diary Part 4 – Final

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Day 5…6am …An Early rise today and we headed off to Lahaina for a snorkel and scuba dive trip at Molokai. My brother is an avid diver, and I prefer to be a float above kinda gal..so I opted to Snorkel …or Snuba..if you prefer. We drove to Lahaina as the sun came up and checked into the dive store, got our gear and went to the dock. As we pulled out of the harbour and into the ocean, you notice the enormity of the mountains that run along the shoreline, their peaks high in the clouds.There are the other Hawaiian Islands scattered all around you and the water is quite literally aqua blue. Winter in Maui is the perfect time to spot the whales and the crew advised us that we would probably see a few during our trip. They weren’t kidding. Whales galore.. Mama whales with their baby cubs out for a play, cruising and splashing in the Pacific Ocean..not more than 50 mtrs from our boats on occasion. Amazing, elegant creatures. We anchored in Molokai and went straight into the warm clear water. Once again, I don’t think I’ve ever seen water so brilliantly blue. The typical tropical  creatures and coral were beneath the surface, but the one thing that differs from perhaps a regular dive, was the sound of the whales singing to each other. At first I thought it was boat engines, however, I was wrong..It was a magical sound and it’s awesome to hear them chatting… you realise pretty quickly you are a visitor in the ocean environment, merely stopping by. The boat trip was really enjoyable and after one more we stop at another reef cove for the 2nd dive, we headed back to dry land.

Once back, We checked out of the Ritz Carlton and headed to Kaanapali Beach to the Honua Kai resort. A great place to come with kids as its condo style accommodation. It has a number of swimming pools with water slides, hot pools, pool activities, and its located right on the beach. You can hire snorkel gear from the resort and head out into the ocean with the luxury of heading back to pool for dip after. Perfect. We hadn’t planned a dinner reservation ..and decided to mosey through the town and wander into somewhere nice….as lunch had been burgers and fries..we needed a more staple evening fare…so we headed back to the Lahaina Grilll…..Another excellent dining experience.

Day 6.. Today….All day by the pool at the resort, a beach walk, Dukes poolside bar for lunch and then we were off to the other side of the island..the most southern tip, to the Four Seasons in Wailea for dinner. Worth the 1 hour drive..with a mall stop on the way of course!…what a magnificent property. the resort wraps around and overlooks the beach that it seems to be hugging. The pool has fountains and cabanas and is very very decadent with its design and fit out. The majestic stone stair case that leads you up from the pool to the resort is stunning. We had booked Spagos, the flagship of Wolfgang Puck’s fine dining restaurant empire presents imaginative, seasonal American cuisine with global accents. We were seated in the outdoor balcony area, that happened to overlook a CBS private party below..kept hoping to see Ridge or Brooke….but nup, no luck…what we could see…were the twinkling lights of the Maui coastline..It was heaven. The food was delicious,again.. and we enjoyed our brief taste of the Four Seasons, Maui.

Day 7..another early morning checkout as we were headed back to Honolulu for our last night. Straight to The Modern Hotel which is at the at the start of the Waikiki beach strip. It overlooks the boat marina and was a refreshing change in style from the other resorts on this trip thus far. Very pared back, bleached out and ..well….Modern..A cool upmarket beach vibe with young hip staff in white shorts and white Polo shirts and French grey cashmere vests.. Tres Chic.The lobby has a mash up of surfboards hung on the walls, contemporary caramel leather wing backs and dark oak wide floorboards. The check in desk is a smooth white washed oak curved counter. The sneaky bit is the ‘study wall’..big thick oak shelving wall with books and iPads and huge glass decorative votives and jars etc..however..this wall spins at 6pm and opens up into the Moderns lobby bar..Tricksters!..and a great novelty. A quick walk along the sparkling white sands of Waikik, a quick dash to the Ala Moana mall for last minute purchasing, a quick dip in the pool, and then it was off for the final dinner on this trip.

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Morimoto, the Inhouse Japanese restaurant was excellent…..The menu highlights a wide array of culinary choices, including a seasonal selection of raw fish preparations, featuring the best seafood that Japanese and Hawaiian waters offer, as well as locally grown fruits and vegetables. At Morimoto Waikiki – eating is theater, offering a sophisticated dining experience with everything from delicious pupus to an extensive tasting menu. Light and divine..Enjoyed by all. In bed by midnight in readiness for our 4am wakeup call, and 11 hour flight back to the real world… Perfect holiday, wonderful company…its easy to travel with family….amazing sights and once again the belt let out a just little further then on the way over. Thankyou again to my brother, he is an exceptional ‘concierge’ and plans an impeccable holiday. Happy birthday mama.. Special Memories to be cherished forever…

Aloha and Mahalo….


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