Hawaii Eat n Drinks Diary Part 3

Hawaii Eat n Drinks Diary Part 3

Kapalua_AerialDay 3: Maui..The aerial shot above shows just how perfect the part of Maui we were headed to. We flew in from Honolulu on the 40 minute flight with Hawaiian Airlines, grabbed our hire car, took the 2 lane highway and headed to the Ritz Carton, Kapalua.

The Ritz Carlton, Kapalua is the located on the North West tip of the island of Maui. This resort is surrounded by some of the most spectacular natural beauty on earth, with approximately 23, 000 acres of pristine Hawaiian landscape. Boasting walking, hiking and equestrian trails, it overlooks the aquamarine blue ocean..and it really defines a true resort feel. Away from the hustle of Waikiki, yet close enough to drive to the local malls and restaurants. The hotel itself is very regal. Typical of the Ritz Carlton standard. Opulent. Our 1 bedroom suite overlooked the mountains and the golf course, with a view to the white sandy beaches below. The paradise was slightly marred by the wind and tropical showers that are inherent at this time of the year, at this the tip of the island. So we headed out of the resort for a meal..

Dinner was booked at the famous Lahaina Grill, Lahaina. A 20 minute drive south… a 10 degree increase in the weather, with no rain. Sounds good to me! Lahaina is a coastal whaling town with an old school charm. A little bit of a Cape Cod feel in Maui. White and grey weatherboard restaurants, quaint little streets and lots of tourist shops and of course, tourists! The Grill located inside the historical Lahaina Inn was delightful. We were seated and waited on by the most animated and helpful waitress so far on this trip. Nothing was too much trouble and typical of the American hospitality industry, the service was impeccable. The food was incredible..oven roasted hana baby beets, alziari extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar from modena, candied pecans, toasted dalmatia fig and goat cheese crostini, lamb with a light coffee-cabernet demi-glace, herbed mashed potatoes, just to name 2 of the 6 or so plates we ordered. Perfection. A birthday candle on the creme brûlée for mama, and it was great night had by all. A well deserved winner of Maui’s Best Restaurant 20 consecutive years in a row – 1994 – 2013.. Now thats something to celebrate…

Day 4 was a slow day of holiday style relax. Brunch in the restaurant overlooking the pools, a feeble attempt at the in house gym..got a little sweat up..checked out the spa…shopped for gimmicky RC fare in the lobby store (apologies to my kids in advance)..Base ball caps with hotel logos are so cool…when you’re on holiday..once home..not so much..and then a real shopping fix at the Whalers Mall. Sephora…you are a girls’ best friend..Major makeup  and product frenzy..you know you’re slightly manic when you line up at the counter and its almost time to pay..and you run back to grab..”just a couple more items!’..hmmm.. Back to the hotel and room service menu, tempted us to stay in..plus the fact that the weather had turned and we decided to seek alternate accommodation and head 20 minutes south for guaranteed hot weather.  All of the hotels were totally booked out..It seems that the mainland USA heads to Maui to thaw out..Anyhoo, we were lucky enough and booked online, quite possibly the last room in Maui at the Honua Kai Resort and Spa in Kaanapali Beach. The Ritz Carlton was stunning..but we needed more sun…So, we out..Sunny skies here we come.


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